Phantom Guelin
Home world: Devil Star
First appearance: Triple Fighter episode 2: Triple Fighter's Escape Case
Latest appearance: None
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Kaijin
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Geran (ゲラン, Geran) was the second Kaijin to fight the three warriors and Triple Fighter.

Subtitle: Three-eyed Phantom (三ツ目怪人, San Tsume Kaijin)


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Devil star


Triple Fighter

Geran was first seen receiving orders from the Demon as he and the Devila planned to ambush the heroes of the series in their Demon Cars.

Later on, Geran teleported in front of one of the fighters as he dealt with the Devila and then told the soldiers to leave as he dealt with Red Fighter alone. They were evenly matched in combat and agility but then Geran got the better of him and had him on the ropes by kicking and stomping him when he was on the ground. Red Fighter thought he had the upper hand after he avoided another attack from the monster, but the latter shot his gun at the former, injuring and downing him in the process.

Before Geran can finish him off however, Red Fighter regained his strength and fought back, and once again the two were evenly matched against each other in combat. After a while, Geran sprayed his gas from his hands and sent him to another dimension. Soon, Geran appeared in front of the human form of Green Fighter, after the latter dealt with some Devila. Just like his last opponent, the monster was evenly matched against the transformed fighter until he sprayed his gas at him and sent him to the same lost dimension with Red Fighter.

Later on, Geran confronted the human form of Orange Fighter while she was dealing with a bunch of Devila and threatened to shoot her child friend if she didn't surrender. Apparently, she didn't and eventually fought the monster herself after she freed her friend, but, after losing a long fight against him, Orange Fighter was sent to the same fog-banked parallel dimension with her partners. If things weren't bad enough, Geran himself appeared in this pocket dimension and taunted the warrirors before he began to fight them.

Once he finally got all three fighters into his fog-banked pocket dimension he proceeded to fight them and he had the upper hand against them despite being outnumbered. When Geran was through delivering a beating to the heroes, he tried to gas them one more time, only for the warriors to combine into Triple Fighter and escape from the said dimension back into the real world. Despite having a power boast, the combined hero found himself evenly matched against Geran, and after a long battle, With his miracle signal flashing, Triple Fighter had no choice but to wrap up the fight by launching his signature move, the Triple Kick, to the Geran's chest. He exploded, but not before he yelled out Demon's name in anguish.
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Orange Fighter (Lily) vs. Geran

Powers and Abilities

  • Gas: Geran can spray gas from his hands.
  • Firearm: Geran is readily equipped with a firearm, which he at one point defeated Red Fighter with.


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