Home world: Planet Earth
First appearance: Ultraman Episode 37: "The Little Hero" (1967)
Latest appearance: Shin Ultraman Retsuden (2014) Episode 45: "Little Heroes! Geronimon's Back"
Height: 40 meters
Weight: 30,000 tons
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Telesdon (servant)
Dorako (servant)
Pigmon (servant)
Roar(s): TBA

Geronimon (ジェロニモン Jeronimon?) is a kaiju from the Ultraman TV series that has the power to revive deceased monsters. Geronimon appears in Episode 37. He is the "Monster Chief" or "The Chief of the Monsters." Due to his abilities, Geronimon is often seen as being one of the most mystical monsters in the entire franchise, and his ability to revive monsters means that he is the first necromancy monster in the franchise as well.

Subtitle: Monster Chief (怪獣酋長 Kaijū Shūchō?)



Geronimon was a incredibly powerful monster who was reputed to be the leader of the Earth monsters. He was angered by the Science Patrol and Ultraman for constantly killing his monsters, so, in revenge he, revived Telesdon, Dorako, and Pigmon as a warning to the Earth. Re-Pigmon revealed that Geronimon's plan was to revive 60 more monsters in order to take over the planet and defeat Ultraman with this army of monsters.

After Telesdon and Dorako were killed by the Science Patrol (Re-Pigmon was killed by Re-Dorako), Geronimon appeared from within a mountain and attacked the Science Patrol himself. Ultraman eventually showed up, rescuing the Science Patrol and confronting the Monster Chief. Geronimon used his razor-sharp feathers to attack Ultraman and chase him into the sky, but Ultraman destroyed most of the them and then he pounced on Geronimon, restraining the monster using his knees. Ultraman then enraged Geronimon by tearing out all the feathers on his head. Geronimon tried to use his Anti-Gravity Mist on Ultraman, but the hero redirected the mist with his Ultra Barrier, lifting Geronimon into the air. Ultraman held Geronimon steady as his colour timer started to blink, and the monster was shot and killed by the Science Patrol.


  • Geronimon's roar is a modified roar of Mongular (from Ultra Q).
  • Geronimon was originally suppose to revive the monsters, Red King and Gomora, but due to the condition of the suits (Red King being overused and Gomora being modified into Zaragas), they were replaced by Telesdon and Dorako.
  • Geronimon's name comes from the Geronimo, the chief of the Chiricaha tribe of the Apache Native Americans, hence his nickname as the Monster Chief and the numerous feathers decorating his head..


Other media

Stage Shows

Geronimon Stage Show

Stage Show

Geronimon has appeared in several Stage shows. In stage shows, Geronimon's feathers are usually just very light, shaggy fur.


Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth


Geronimon, as seen in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth.

This monster reappeared in the video game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth, in the video game's story mode.

Ultraman ventures to the Monster Graveyard, which in the game resembles a frozen, arctic wasteland. While there, Ultraman is ambushed by a revived Geronimon, who is trapped inside of a giant icicle. Shortly after, Geronimon breaks out of the icicle and attacks Ultraman himself. After fighting him three times, Geronimon collapses, dead once again. Later on in the story, the feathers on his head are used as an extra body-part for EX Tyrant.


  • In the Ultraman Fighting Evolution entry, Geronimon has been given a new set of superpowers. He is given the ability to create and shoot purple fireballs from his claws. His telekinesis has also improved as he can both manipulate his feathers' flight pattern as well as have the ability to lift objects as big as Ultraman with his mind.


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