Giant Ant Choju vs. Ultra Brothers
Ultraman Ace, Episode 5
Air date 05/05/1972
Screenplay by Shozo Uehara
Directed by Tadashi Mafune
Special skill director Takashi Oohira
Viewer Ratings 17.6%
Episode Guide
30,000 Year Choju Appears
Pursue The Mystery of The Transformation Choju

Giant Ant Choju vs. Ultra Brothers (大蟻対ウルトラ兄弟, Dai Ari tai Urutora Kyoudai?) is the 5th episode of Ultraman Ace.This is also the first time Zoffy, the leader of the Ultra Brothers, is seen fighting villains.







DVD Release

 *Ultraman Ace Volume 2 features episodes 5-8.


  • This Episode was later featured in episode 43 of Ultraman Retsuden: Bonds of Brothers! Ace and Zoffy!!.

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