Ginga No Uta is the theme song for Ultraman Ginga. The song was sung by the artist, Voyager, Chisa (vocalist) from Girl Next Door (band) and along with the cast who played the characters in Ultraman Ginga serie, Hikaru, Misuzu, Kenta, Chigusa, Takeuchi Hiroaki and Maria Haruna.

Ginga No Uta

Original Japanese lyrics

Translation into English

atta hitori demo kimi wo mamoritai

Itsumo, itsumo, itsumo, itsumo Soba ni iru kara Donna ni tsurakute donna ni kurushikutemo Kitto, kitto, kitto, kitto Goal wa chikai kara

Hoshizora ni kagayake Ginga Mou ichido kimi ni au tame ni

Sono mune ni yadoshita yume no tsubasa hiroge Takaku, takaku, takaku, takaku Sora he tobitate Kataku tsunagiatta kimi no sono te wo Zutto, zutto, zutto, zutto Zutto hanasanai

Toki wo koe kagayake Ginga (Todoke ima! Kimi no moto he!) Hikari are itsumademo sora ni (Sono hikari, Ultraman Ginga)

Moshimo itsuka tooku hanareta to shitemo Egao to sono yasashisa to Kizuna wo wasurenai de

(Ikuze, Ginga!)

Hoshizora ni kagayake Ginga (Mirai he to tsuzuku michi wo) Mou ichido kimi ni au tame ni (Susume tomo ni, Ultraman Ginga)

Even if I stand alone, I’ll be there to protect you

I’ll always, always, always, always Be there by your side It may not be easy, and it may not be painless But I know, I know, I know, I know The end is in sight!

Through the darkest night, keep on shining, Ginga! Let your light us guide us together once more!

Let the dreams in your heart take flight once more And watch them soar, soar, soar, soar Soar ever higher! Give me your hand, and I’ll hold it tight, And never, never, never, never, Never let it go!

From now till eternity, keep on shining, Ginga! (We give the light within us) May your light ever grace the skies! (To you, Ultraman Ginga!)

One day, I know we may have to part But never forget that smile, or the kindness it shows And never forget that we are friends

(Come on, Ginga!)

Through the darkest night, keep on shining, Ginga! (Let’s walk together, towards the future) Let your light us guide us together once more! (With you at our sides, Ultraman Ginga!)

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