Go to Hell with this One Blow
Return of Ultraman, Episode 27
Gronken-Ultraman-Jack 2
Air date 10/08/1971
Screenplay by Shin'ichi Ichikawa
Directed by Masanori Kakehi
Special skill director Koichi Takano
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Mystery Homicide Beetle Incident
Ultra Special Attack

Go to Hell with this One Blow! (この一発で地獄へ行け! Kono ichi-patsu de jigoku e ike!) is the 27th episode of Return of Ultraman.




Guest Stars

  • Saburo Azuma (東三郎 Azuma Saburo): Hiroshi Samba (東山波ひろし Samba Hiroshi)
  • Kiyo Higashi (東キヨ Higashi Kiyo): Shindo Fortune (進藤幸 Shindō Ko)
  • Ramen Monger (ラーメン屋 Ramen Ya): Kodaka Masaru (小高勝 Masaru Kodaka)
  • Tadashi Sawamura (沢村忠 Sawamura Tadashi): Himself

Suit Actors

DVD Releases

  • Return of Ultraman Volume 7 features episodes 25-28.


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