Goad (ゴード Gōdo) is a massive beast introduced in an Ultraseven story in Figure King magazine No. 118.

Subtitle: Space Beast-god (宇宙獣神 Uchū shishigami)


  • Height: 70m
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Space


Anyone that did not know Ultraseven

15 aliens + 35 monsters

Goad came to Earth during the time Ultraseven was the protector. It turned out that because of him, a lot of the monsters that appeared in Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultraseven where sent by him. Resurrecting dozens of defeated foes, Goad declared war on Ultraseven and the newly revived Ultraman. However, with the Ultra Garrison and the newly reformed Science Patrol, his minions began to fall left and right, leaving Goad to fight the two angered Ultras.


Powers and Abilities

  • Revive: Using his Beast God powers, Goad can revive fallen monsters.
  • Heat Beam: From his mouth, Goad can fire a devastating heat beam.