Not to be confused with the Mirrorman kaiju with the same name, Gokibura.

Home world: Titan Nebula
First appearance: Iron King Episode 24: "Tokyo Assault Frontline Base" (1973)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 32 m
Weight: 45,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Titanian
Roar(s): TBA

Gokibura (ゴキブラー Gokiburā?) is a cockroach Titanian that first appeared in episode 24 of Iron King. He is Titanian Operative No. #6, and like all the other Titanians, he wears a black hat, a red cloak and a white mask. In his giant form he is an insect monster.

Subtitle: Universal Insect Monster (宇虫怪獣 Sora Mushi Kaijū?)


Iron King

Having constructed a new base within a condo in Tokyo, the Titanian invaders finally had set their sights on the largest city in Japan. Attracting a lot of attention for the condo they paid millions for, including both Goro and Gentaro, Titanian Operative #6 transformed in order to lure them away. As it began to suck everything up with its vacuum-like belly, Goro transformed into Iron King! The red hero challenged the evil space bug and beat it down, eventually causing it to revert back to its human-sized form and retreat after suffering two explosive flashes in a row.

Gentaro and Goro were in hot purist and ran back to the nefarious condo in order to rescue a group of children whom had been put under Titanian control. With Goro transformed into the hero outside the condo, the invaders’ plans were foiled again. Operative #6 transformed into Gokibura again and battled the red hero in the streets! Smashing through buildings, the two warriors were locked in combat but it seemed as if the cockroach-like behemoth had gotten the upper hand. Using its vacuum to draw in Iron King, it began to pummel the superhero. When all seemed lost, Gentaro interfered. He threw a grenade into its vacuum, severely wounding the villainous monster. Falling back in agony, Gokibura was finished off within a huge explosion by twin bolts of energy from Iron King.


Gokibura (Small)


Powers and Abilities


Gokibura (Giant)
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Gokibura (Giant)


Powers and Abilities

  • Forearm Blast: Gokibura is able to shoot explosive shots, some as powerful as missiles, from the tips of its clawed arms.
  • Vacuum Belly: Located within Gokibura’s belly is a vacuum that it can use to suck smaller objects into its body, it can also draw in its opponents.

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