Home world: Planet Satan
First appearance: Dinosaur Great War Izenborg Episode 38: The monster army corps final large advancement!
Latest appearance: Dinosaur Great War Izenborg Episode 39: Goodbye Eizenborg
Height: 0-55 meters
Weight: 0 - 2,000 tons
Category: Capsule Kaiju
Affiliation: Izenborg
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Golda (ゴルダ, Goruda?) was Izenborg's only living companion for stopping Gottes and his wife Zobina.

Subtitle: Illusion monster (まぼろし怪獣, Ma boroshi Kaijū?)


  • Height: 0-55 m
  • Weight: 0-2,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Satan


Dinosaur Great War Izenborg 

When Izenborg fought with Gottes, Zobina, Wara and Shizalas, a lone man ran to join the fight, sending from his golden cross the golden dinosaur, Golda! Instantly, the golden goliath began to clean house and make the numbers more even. After Zobina was killed by Izenborg, Gottes and his two saurian lackies retreated.

Days later, Izenborg and Golda fought Wara and Shizalas again, this time, destroying the two beast. Teaming up with the nameless man, the entire D-Force tunneled into the underground palace of Gottes. He was waiting though, as he set not only Kirasaurus after them, but unleased six Magmadon.

Kirasaurus and Golda instantly came to trade blows as Izenborg and Gottes traded slashes with swords. After Magmadon interupted, Golda killed the two saurians and rushed to help Izenborg, who was grounded by Gottes, who was ready to drop a boulder on the red and green cyber hero. Before the boulder could be dropped, Golda lept onto Izenborg and protected him, but sadly, lost his life.


  • Golda's suit is actually the Zobi suit but painted gold.
  • Golda can fire a beam similar to the Ultraman Specium ray.

Powers and Weapons

  • Beam: Golda can fire a beam similar to a Specium beam if he crosses his arms in the classic L pose. 

Dinosaur Great War Izenborg
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