Gorudaa is a monster from the original Ultraman manga.


Appearing in an ancient town, the kaiju Gorudaa was served human sacrifices. When the Science Patrol lost one of it's international members, they went to investigate. There, the vampire-like Gorudaa made his presence known! Swooping down and devouring people, the soaring beast fled. How ever, his attacks came once every week, so Hyata was prepared. Suddenly, Ultraman and Gorudaa clashed, and the giant light warrior defeated the flying monster by damaging his wing.

Gorudaa would later be revived by the Monster God, Goad along with several other monsters, including Neronga, Eleking, and a slew of others to fight against humanity and Ultraman and Ultraseven. Gorudaa was one of the monsters to fight against Ultraseven, along with Riggah, Alien Baltan and Peguila and had his wing sliced off by Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.


  • Unlike Yamaton and Tangilar, Gorudaa doesn't have a toy version of himself.
  • Gorudaa was ment to be in the original Ultraman show, but due to budget and time constraints, was dropped. His concept art shows him with humanoid legs.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: As his body is mainly wings, Gorudaa can fly at high speeds.