Great Gathering!! These Are The Ultra Brothers
Season 1, Episode Episode 1
Zero Tiga Retsuden
Episode Guide

Episode 1 of Ultraman Retsuden

Fights Referenced:

Ultraman Zero and Seven fight Darclops

Ultraman vs Neronga, Bemlar, And Red King

Ultraseven vs King Joe and Eleking, Alien Pitt in cameo

Ultraman Jack vs Twin Tail and Gudon and Bemstar.

Ultraman Ace vs Varava and Alien Hipporito

Ultraman Taro vs Birdon

Ultra Brothers vs Alien Temperor

Ultraman Zero and Ulttraman Leo vs Robot Ultraseven and Robot Ultraman

Ultimate Force Zero vs Legionoids

Jean bot vs Darkgone

Ultraman Tiga vs Golza and Kyrieloid

Ultraman Dyna vs Neo Darambia, Giralen, and Monsarger

Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul vs C.O.V and Apatee

Ultraman Cosmos vs Chaos Lidorias and Chaos Header Iblis

Ultraman Max vs Grangon and Lagoras and Eleking, Alien Pitt in cameo

Ultraman Zero and Gomora vs Darklops Zero and Mecha Gomora

Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman vs Yanakagi

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