"The Tree of Life created the War God to protect it and the Bezelbs to destroy intelligences, right?"
"Yes. The Kugutsu is the safety precaution to destroy intelligence when its out of control and disrupt the universe."
"The why did the Tree of Life provide fruits that can destroy the poison? Shouldn't the fruits be a safety precaution to protect an intellectual world!? As long as the fruits of Tree of Life is glowing, then this universe is worth saving. Am I wrong, Dr. Psychi?

―Gai asserting Psychi
Great Land ~A New World~
Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA, Episode 12
Air date 3/13/17
Written by Hirotoshi Kobayashi
Directed by Kazuya Konaka
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Great Land ~A New World~ (まほろば~新世界~ Mahoroba ~Shin Sekai~?) is the twelfth and final episode of Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.


A young Psychi happily walks with his parents until an unknown war took their life, causing him to mourn for their deaths. It was then where he met the Queen Bezelb for the first time, and the scene shift to the present where their fusion Psyqueen roars, bringing infected Arstron and Vakishim that apparently survived the whole confrontation. Seeing the Tree of Life as a threat, the army tries to destroy it. Asuka and Musashi reached Earth and all five Ultramen transform for their final battle.

Shohei and Yui decided to get to the Tree of Life via a tower struck on it while Shinra and Juggler took down smaller Bezelbs. Shohei pluck one of its fruits but discover that like the rest of them, it didn't glow (mature) yet. Yui encourage him after he fell into despair and the their memories of Amate allows all fruits to quickly mature. Just as Shohei and Yui about to fell from their deaths, Orb saved them as they revealed the matured fruits to be used as antidotes. Orb used one of the seed to stabilize the War God from exploding before Cosmos used the rest of them to purify the infected monsters and sent them away. Angered that their plan failed, Psyqueen resort to threw itself and combine with the War God, resulting all Ultras to open fire at the monster and for Partel to save her creator before deactivated upon shielding Shinra and Ricca from an incoming rubble.

Leaving the Queen Bezelb destroyed, Orb saved Psychi and reverted to Gai as he asserted the scientist that if he believed that free will has become a threat, the Tree of Life would have already abandoned life forms and let itself destroyed by the Bezelbs. For the first time, Psychi agrees and mourns for Partel's loss while Amate assured that even if it its difficult to wish for a peaceful world, but its possible to reach it by holding to hope. Juggler can only watch the event before disappearing with Gai noticed his former friend too late. In the late evening, Gai wonders which universe should he head next while his seniors congratulate him before they left.

Gai returns to the peak of O-50 once more and saw Juggler, who disappears after being revealed to be the former's hallucination. The Orbcalibur notifies him with another mission and forcefully transform him into Ultraman Orb, gaining black markings before taking off.


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