Human Host/Form: Naoto Sho
Height: Micro ~ 70 m
Weight: 0 ~ 6,000 t
Place of Origin: Hyper World
Transformation Item: Grand Acceptor
Type: Hero
Voice actor(s): Hikaru Midorikawa
Suit actor(s): Okano hiroyuki, Endō Jōtoshi
First Appearance: Denkou Choujin Gridman Episode 1: "New Century Hero Birth!"
Last Appearance: Denkou Choujin Gridman: boys invent great hero (flashback)
Race: Inter-dimensional being
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Hyper World Police

Gridman (グリッドマン Guriddoman) is a 'policeman' from the Hyper World, a parallel world to the "Computer World" a world within all computers. While tracking down Khan Digifier he encountered Naoto and, seeing that Naoto had a good heart, chose him to merge with whenever battle must be done within the Computer world. To fight the larger and more powerful monsters, Gridman receives the upgrade program P-L6806OX to grow gigantic and battle against his foes. However, this massive power-up last only for a few minutes as it could overload Junk's system. When the power up begins to fade, a blue light on Gridman's head begins to blink as a warning. Naoto, Yuuka, and Ippei chat with Gridman over their computer by typing messages to him.

  • Subtitle: Lightning Superman (電光超人 Denkō Chōjin)
  • Thunder Subtitle: Combined Super God (合体超神 Gattai Chō Kami)
  • King Subtitle: Combined Dragon Emperor (合体竜帝 Gattai Ryū Tei)





  • Height: Micro ~ 70 m, 88 m (Thunder), 93 m (Emperor)
  • Weight: 0 ~ 60,000 t, 160,000 t (Thunder), 200,400 t (Emperor)
  • Home World: Hyper World
  • Time Limit: 10 Minutes
  • Flight: Gridman's top flight in the cyber world is faster than the Speed of Light.

Body Features

  • Energy Lamp: The blue light on Gridman's forehead, when his giant size begins to put too much strain on Junk (the PC that powers his giant form) it begins to flash.
  • Radar Year:
  • Tri-Star Ja: The three blue parts on Girdman's chest. They are the organ that emits the fixer beam.
  • Techtarion Armor: The armor that Gridman wears.
  • Crystal Converter: The yellow light on Gridman's chest, this is were his energy is stored.
  • Grand Acceptor: The item Naoto uses to enter the computer world and merge with Gridman, it is located on his left arm and used to fire the Grid Beam.
  • Gravity Metal: Gridman is able to fly because his feet control gravity for him.
  • Access Code: Before Gridman can fly off to battle an access code must be entered to Junk, this password is "Access Flash!".


Normal gridman


  • Spark Beam: A beam fired from his left wrist.
  • Grid Beam: A stronger beam fired from the back of his left arm.
  • Grid Hyper Beam: Gridman's final resort attack programmed by Takeshi after Khan Digifier destroyed all of Gridman's weapon and support mech program. It was destructive enough to destroy Khan Digifier and Takeshi's PC Computer world alone.
  • Grid Light Saber: A blade generated in his left hand but wielded in the right. Often used as a boomerang weapon.
  • Neo Super Conductivity Kick: An energized kick.
  • Fixer Beam: A beam from his chest that repairs damaged computer systems.
  • Size Change: Using the upgrade program Gridman can take on a giant size in the cyber world.
  • Kinesis Grid: A technique to feed energy into the Acceptor and free Naoto from a monster's influence waking him up.
  • Super Electromagnetic Beam: A beam to counter Suterugan's shockwave.
  • Materialize Beam: Eye beams that materialize Support Items sent by Naoto's friends.
  • Forced Combine Beam (Name Unknown): A beam used to force Naoto and Gridman to merge.

Thunder Gridman profile

Thunder Gridman (サンダーグリッドマン Sandā Guriddoman) is the form of God Zenon, Thunder Jet, Twin Driller, and God Tank acting as a suit of mechanized armor for Gridman.


  • Thunder Grid Punch: A basic, yet powerful punch.
  • Thunder Grid Kick: A basic, yet powerful kick.
  • Thunder Grid Fire:
  • Thunder Grid Beam: An attack fired from the right hand.
  • Thunder Grid Fixer Beam: An upgraded version of the Fixer Beam.
  • Drill Break: Twin Driller's bore-tips are fired from the shoulders and home in on the target like missiles.

King Gridman profile

King Gridman (キンググリッドマン Kingu Guriddoman) is the form of the Dyna Dragon and King Jet acting as a second mechanized suit of armor for Gridman, forming the Combination Dragon Emperor King Gridman.


  • King Grid Punch: An upgraded version of the Thunder Grid Punch.
  • King Grid Kick: An upgraded version of the Thunder Grid Kick.
  • King Grid Fire: An attack fired from King Gridman's chest.
  • King Grid Launcher: Light attacks fired from King Gridman's forearms.
  • King Grid Beam: An upgraded version of the Thunder Grid Beam.
  • King Grid Fixer Beam: An upgraded version of the Thunder Grid Fixer Beam.

Assist Weapons

Assist Weapons are created and devised by Ippei to assist Gridman in battle. Later on Powered Suits were developed using them as parts.

  • Lightning Thunderbolt Sword Gridman Sword: A combination of the Barrier Shield and Plasma Sword. A drawback to its high power is the size of its attack which is always large. It can transform to an axe-shaped form called the Thunder Axe.
    • Barrier Shield: A shield made to repel any monster with an ultrahigh electromagnet. However it is useless against monsters with a high enough power.
    • Plasma Blade: A sword pulled out of the side of the Barrier Shield, can fire the Plasma Wave and cut through a monster.
  • Combination Electric God God Zenon: The Thunder Jet, Twin Driller, and God Tank can combine together to form the fighting robot God Zenon.
    • Thunder Jet: A large jet aircraft, armed with the Thunder Missiles. Forms the upper body of God Zenon and Thunder Gridman (Full Length: 62.1m, Width: 48.6m, Overall Height: 19.8m, Total Weight: 47,000 tons, Flight Speed: Mach 5).
    • Twin Driller: A small tank equipped with Twin Lasers at the tip of the drill. Can operate in the air and underground. Forms the shoulder armor of God Zenon and the abdomen and arm of Thunder Gridman (Full Length: 44.1m, Width: 21m, Overall Height: 15m, Total Weight: 21,000 tons, Running Speed: 100 Km per hr).
    • God Tank: A small tank equipped with two gates for the God Cannon. Forms the feet of God Zenon and the feet armor of Thunder Gridman (Full Length: 72.9m, Width: 21m, Overall Height: 13.2m, Total Weight: 32,000 t).
  • Dyna Fortress: A 106.4m-long, 240-kiloton, Mach-43 aircraft armed with the Fortress Missiles. It can transform into the Super Dragon Combination Dyna Dragon.
    • Dyna Fighter: A Mach-36 aircraft (armed with DinaMissiles and the DinaLaser) which can transform into the massive Dragonic Cannon, a shoulder-fired weapon wielded by Gridman.
    • King Jet: A Mach-18 aircraft (armed with KingMissiles and the KingLaser) to which the Dyna Fighter can dock, forming the Dyna Fortress.



Thunder Gridman

King Gridman




  • The way in which Gridman's enemies are destroyed by his finishers may have inspired the effects of Ultraman the Next/Ultraman Nexus's finishers on his enemies.
  • Gridman's facial appearance might have inspired the faces of Jean-Bot and Jean-Nine.
  • Gridman's last suit appearance between his original series and his cameo in a DVD extra was in the 1995 Tsuburaya commercial where he joined the Ultramen and many monsters and aliens during a fireworks show, seen dancing near Pigmon.

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