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Gridman the Hyper Agent render
Human Host/Form: Naoto Sho
Height: Micro ~ 70 m
Weight: 0 ~ 6,000 t
Place of Origin: Hyper World
Transformation Item: Gran Acceptor
Type: Hero
Voice actor(s): Hikaru Midorikawa
Suit actor(s): Hiroyuki Okano
First Appearance: Denkou Choujin Gridman episode 1 "New Century Hero Birth!"
Last Appearance: Denkou Choujin Gridman: boys invent great hero (flashback)
Race: Inter-dimensional being
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Hyper World Police
Gridman Sigma (younger brother)

Gridman (グリッドマン Guriddoman) is a Hyper Agent from the Hyper World, a parallel world to the "Computer World", a world within all computers. He was originally a bodiless life form that chased Khan Digifier to the Computer World.

  • Subtitle: Lightning Superman (電光超人 Denkō Chōjin)
  • Thunder Subtitle: Combined Super God (合体超神 Gattai Chōjin)
  • King Subtitle: Combined Dragon Emperor (合体竜帝 Gattai Ryūtei)


According to Kazumitsu Akamatsu, Gridman's designer, he was employed by Takara to come up with a design for a Kyodai Hero called Cyberman, which was much like Toho Company's Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop. The hero was apparently human-sized and would be able to combine with support mechas to achieve a total height of 4m. After some internal review, the project was scrapped and he was moved to the production team of another Tsuburaya Hero, Bigman, because of his knowledge in Tokusatsu, and to be a liaison between Tsuburaya and Takara. He accepted the role, knowing that Tsuburaya were experts in the Kyodai Hero genre. This conceptual hero would eventually be reworked into Gridman. After that, he also worked on the designs of the monsters with the help of former Takara employee Osamu Yamaguchi. After designing Chidogerah, he stopped designing monsters and focus more on the background scenes. He also came up with the names of the Assist Weapons and the names of the characters, and thinks of the work as if it were his own child.


Denkou Choujin Gridman

While tracking down Khan Digifier he encountered Naoto and, seeing that Naoto had a good heart, chose him to merge with whenever battle must be done within the Computer world. To fight the larger and more powerful monsters, Gridman receives the upgrade program P-L6806OX to grow gigantic and battle against his foes. However, this massive power-up last only for a few minutes as it could overload Junk's system. When the power up begins to fade, a blue light on Gridman's head begins to blink as a warning. Naoto, Yuuka, and Ippei chat with Gridman over their computer by typing messages to him.

Denkou Choujin Gridman: The Demon King's Counterattack

Gridman returns in this novel series and bonds again with Naoto to fight against Neo Khan Digifer, the younger brother of Khan Digifer. He was on the losing end until his own brother, Gridman Sigma joined the battle. The two Hyper Agents eventually manage to defeat the Demon King after battling all his minions. Their final challenge was Geist Digifer, Neo Khan Digifer's final form, gained by fusing with the souls of the fallen kaiju.Denkou Choujin Gridman: The Demon King's Counterattack



  • Height: Micro ~ 70 m
    • Thunder: 88 m
    • King: 93 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 60,000 t
    • Thunder: 160,000 t
    • King: 200,400 t
  • Home World: Hyper World
  • Time Limit: 10 minutes
  • Flight: Gridman's top flight speed in the Computer World is faster than the Speed of Light.

Body Features

  • Energy Lamp (エネルギーランプ Enerugī Ranpu): The light on Gridman's forehead, when his giant size begins to put too much strain on Junk (the PC that powers his giant form) it begins to flash. It is similar to a Beam Lamp.
  • Radar Ear (レーダーイヤー Rēdā Iyā): Gridman's ears.
  • Tri-Juster (トライジャスター Toraijasutā): The three blue parts on Gridman's chest. They are the organ that emits the Fixer Beam.
  • Techtarion Armor (テクタリオン=アーマー Tekutarion Āmā): The armor that Gridman wears.
  • Crystal Converter (クリスタルコンバーター Kurisutaru Konbātā): The yellow light on Gridman's chest, this is where his energy is stored.
  • Gravity Metal (グラビティメタル Gurabiti Metaru): Gridman is able to fly because his feet control gravity for him.


Gridman Render

Originally an incorporeal being, Gridman was given a body designed by Ippei Baba from his own CG concept of a superhero. Before Gridman can leave, the Access Code (アクセスコード Akusesu Kōdo) must be entered to Junk, this password is "GRIDMAN".

  • Gran Acceptor (グラン=アクセプター Guran Akuseputā): A bracer on Gridman's left arm, it is connected to the Acceptor worn by Naoto.
    • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): A beam fired from the back of his left arm.
      • Grid Hyper Beam (グリッドハイパービーム Guriddo Haipā Bīmu): Gridman's final resort attack programmed by Takeshi after Khan Digifier destroyed all of Gridman's Assist Weapon programs. It was destructive enough to destroy Khan Digifier and Takeshi's PC Computer world.
    • Spark Beam (スパークビーム Supāku Bīmu): Energy blasts fired from his left wrist.
    • Grid Light Saber (グリッドライトセイバー Guriddo Raito Seibā): A blade generated in his left hand but wielded on the right. Often used as a boomerang weapon.
  • Gridman Sword (グリッドマンソード Guriddoman Sōdo): An Assist Weapon that first comes as the Barrier Shield and Plasma Blade, it is a combination of the two aforementioned weapons.
    • Lightning Thunderbolt (ライトニング・サンダーボルト Raitoningu Sandāboruto): An unused finisher attack.
    • Thunder Axe (サンダーアックス Sandā Akkusu): An alternate mode of the Gridman Sword, the blade recedes to form an axe.
    • Barrier Shield (バリアーシールド Bariā Shīrudo): A shield made to repel any monster with an ultrahigh electromagnet. However it is useless against monsters with a high enough power.
      • Deflection: The Barrier Shield is capable of deflecting attacks fired at Gridman.
    • Plasma Blade (プラズマブレード Purazuma Burēdo): A sword pulled out of the side of the Barrier Shield.
      • Plasma Wave (プラズマウェーブ Purazuma Uēbu): Gridman slashes and creates energy waves that cut through a monster.
      • Deflect: The sword itself can also be used to defend against attacks, though its use is limited.
  • Dragonic Cannon (ドラゴニックキャノン Doragonikku Kyanon): A flamethrower weapon which has its design based on a Chinese relic.
    • Dragon Fire (ドラゴンファイヤー Doragon Faiyā): A stream of fire spew from Dragonic Cannon's muzzle.
  • Super Conductivity Kick (超電導キック Chōdendō Kikku): An energized kick.
    • Neo Super Conductivity Kick (ネオ超電導キック Neo Chōdendō Kikku): An even more powerful version of the Super Conductivity Kick.
  • Fixer Beam (フィクサービーム Fikusā Bīmu): A beam from his chest that repairs damaged computer systems. It also works on humans, and the environment itself.
  • Size Change: Using the upgrade program, Gridman can take on a giant size in the cyber world.
  • Grid Kinesis (グリッドキネシス Guriddo Kineshisu): A technique to feed energy into the Acceptor and free Naoto from a monster's influence, waking him up.
  • Super Electromagnetic Beam (超電磁ビーム Chō Denji Bīmu): A beam used to counter Stealgan's shockwave.
  • Materialize Beam (実体化ビーム Jittai-ka Bīmu): Eye beams that are used to complete the schematics of Assist Weapons summoned by Ippei and Yuka.
  • Forced Combine Beam: Another beam from his eyes, used to force Naoto and Gridman to merge.

Thunder Gridman
Thunder Gridman profile

Thunder Gridman (サンダーグリッドマン Sandā Guriddoman) is a fusion/formation, with God Zenon acting as a power suit for Gridman. Thunder Gridman possess incredible strength and endurance at the cost of speed and agility.

  • Thunder Grid Punch: A basic, yet powerful punch.
  • Thunder Grid Kick: A basic, yet powerful kick.
  • Endurance: Since God Zenon is naturally resilient, this carried on to Thunder Gridman.
  • Super Strength: In contrast to the more flexible Gridman, Thunder Gridman is capable of exerting brute strength at the cost of speed.
  • Thunder Grid Beam (サンダーグリッドビーム Sandā Guriddo Bīmu): An attack fired from the right hand. It is an enhanced version of the standard Grid Beam.
  • Thunder Grid Fire (サンダーグリッドファイヤー Sandā Guriddo Faiyā): A beam attack fired from the chest.
  • Fixer Beam (フィクサービーム Fikusā Bīmu): An upgraded version of the Fixer Beam.
  • Drill Break (ドリルブレイク Doriru Bureiku): Twin Driller's bore-tips are fired from the shoulders and home in on the target like missiles.

King Gridman
King Gridman profile

King Gridman (キンググリッドマン Kingu Guriddoman) is Gridman's second upgraded form where the King Jet acts as a suit of armor.

  • Dragonic Cannon (ドラゴニックキャノン Doragonikku Kyanon): A flamethrower weapon which has its design based on a Chinese relic. Used only in boys invent great hero.
    • Dragon Fire (ドラゴンファイヤー Doragon Faiyā): A stream of fire spew from Dragonic Cannon's muzzle.
  • Enhanced Speed: Whereas Thunder Gridman is strength oriented, King Gridman allows him to exert full speed and agility.
  • Gas Mask: To counter Venora's poison gas, a built-in oxygen mask was placed into the armor to prevent Gridman from contamination.
  • King Grid Punch: An upgraded version of the Thunder Grid Punch.
  • King Grid Kick: An upgraded version of the Thunder Grid Kick.
  • King Grid Beam (キンググリッドビーム Kingu Guriddo Bīmu): An upgraded version of the Thunder Grid Beam.
  • King Grid Fire (キンググリッドファイヤー Kingu Guriddo Faiyā): An attack fired from King Gridman's chest.
  • King Grid Launcher (キンググリッドランチャー Kingu Guriddo Ranchā): Light attacks fired from King Gridman's forearms.
  • Fixer Beam (フィクサービーム Fikusā Bīmu): An upgraded version of the Fixer Beam.

Full Power Gridman

Full Power Gridman

Full Power Gridman (フルパワーグリッドマン Furu Pawā Guriddoman) is the combination of Gridman and all 5 vehicular Assist Weapons. In a nutshell, the configuration is portrayed as Thunder Gridman riding on King Jet and wields the Dragonic Cannon. This form is exclusive in the photo novel The Demon King's Counterattack.

  • Dragonic Cannon (ドラゴニックキャノン Doragonikku Kyanon): A flamethrower weapon which has its design based on a Chinese relic.
  • Enhanced Flight Speed: According to magazines, the King Jet flies at a great speed.
  • Bombardment : The ability of Full Power Gridman is to launch all of its attacks on the opponent while flying towards them.

Assist Weapons

Main article: Category:Assist Weapons

Assist Weapons (アシストウェポン Ashisuto Uepon) are created and devised by Ippei to assist Gridman in battle. When in the Computer World, Gridman uses the Materialization Beam to complete the process of bringing them into battle.

Initially, Yuka was responsible for handling the programs until Ippei created the Assist Weapon Selecter (アシストウェポンセレクター Ashisuto Uepon Serekutā) to contain and deploy them easily. With the exception of Gridman Sword, later Assist Weapons (being mechas themselves) are remotely controlled by both Ippei and Yuka through game controllers. They are also modified to become powered suits for Gridman, thus raising his ability perimeters. In the final episode, Khan Digifier invaded Junk's server and destroy all the Assist Weapons in their data forms, leaving Gridman almost defeated before Takeshi created the Grid Hyper Beam program.

  • Lightning Blitz Blade Gridman Sword (電光雷撃剣グリッドマンソード Denkō raigeki ken Guriddoman Sōdo): A combination of the Barrier Shield and Plasma Blade, created by Compoid and Anosillus as gratitude for saving the latter. Its alternate configuration is Thunder Axe (サンダーアックス Sandā Akkusu).
    • Barrier Shield (バリアーシールド Bariā Shīrudo): A shield made to repel any monster with an ultrahigh electromagnet. Created by Ippei with the inspiration from Special Dog (a type of hot dog).
    • Plasma Blade (プラズマブレード Purazuma Burēdo): A sword pulled out of the side of the Barrier Shield.
  • Combination Electric God God Zenon (合体電神ゴッドゼノン Gattai denshin Goddo Zenon): A giant robot that combined form the three military vehicle-based Assist Weapons. Created based on the inspiration from a robot toy.
    • Thunder Jet (サンダージェット Sandā Jetto): A fighter jet inspired from real-life military fighter jet.
    • Twin Driller (ツインドリラー Tsuin Dorirā): A driller tank with a pair of drills, designed after military tanks.
    • God Tank (ゴッドタンク Goddo Tanku): A caterpillar track-based armored tank that is based on military tanks, especially a missile vehicle.
  • Dragon Fortress (ドラゴンフォートレス Doragon Fōtoresu): A coalesced aircraft, formed by Dyna Fighter and King Jet. Transforms into Super Dragon Combination Dyna Dragon (超竜合体ダイナドラゴン Chō Ryū Gattai Daina Doragon), a tyrannosaurus mecha based on the fossil of a tyrannosaurus.
    • Dyna Fighter (ダイナファイター Daina Faitā): An aircraft that is initially Dragonic Cannon (ドラゴニックキャノン Doragonikku Kyanon), inspired from a dragon-themed artifact that was buried with a Chinese mummy.
    • King Jet (キングジェット Kingu Jetto): A large aircraft made to be Dyna Fighter's support.



Thunder Gridman

King Gridman



  • The way in which Gridman's enemies are destroyed by his finishers may have inspired the effects of Ultraman the Next/Ultraman Nexus's finishers on his enemies.
  • Gridman's facial appearance might have inspired the faces of Jean-Bot and Jean-Nine.
  • Gridman's last suit appearance between his original series and his cameo in a DVD extra was in the 1995 Tsuburaya commercial where he joined the Ultramen and many monsters and aliens during a fireworks show, seen dancing near Pigmon.

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