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"I am a Hyper Agent, Gridman. Yuta, you have to remember your calling."

―Gridman to Yuta, Awakening



Human Host/Form: Yuta Hibiki
Height: 70 m
Weight: Unknown
Place of Origin: Hyper World
Transformation Item: Primal Acceptor
Type: Hero
Voice actor(s): Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese)
Robert McCollum (English)
Suit actor(s): N/A
First Appearance: SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 1 "Awakening"
Last Appearance: TBA
Race: Inter-dimensional being
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Gridman Alliance
Neon Genesis Junior High Students

Gridman (グリッドマン Guriddoman) is the main hero of SSSS.GRIDMAN.


  • Max Gridman: Heracles Combine (剛力合体超人 Gōriki Gattai Chōjin lit. Herculean Strength Combined Superman)
  • Buster Gridman: Full Armor Combine (武装合体超人 Busō Gattai Chōjin lit. Armed Combined Superman)
  • Sky Gridman: Empyrean Combine (大空合体超人 Daikū Gattai Chōjin lit. Great Sky Combined Superman)
  • Full Powered Gridman: Hyperlink Combine (超合体超人 Chō Gattai Chōjin lit. Super Combined Superman)



A 'Hyper Agent', Gridman had been calling to his partner, Yuta Hibiki since the young man awoke with amnesia in Rikka Takarada's house. The two began interacting with each other using an old, jerry-built computer called Junk, with Yuta being the only person able to see and hear Gridman on-screen, while others saw a deactivated screen. As a result of some incident, Gridman also lost his memories and the only thing he remembers is to fulfill his mission, which was to protect the city from danger. When a rampaging kaiju, Ghoulghilas emerges, Yuta unites with Gridman, enabling him to materialize in the real world and confront the beast. Though difficult, Gridman/Yuta managed to defeat the monster thanks to the advice from Yuta's friends Rikka and Sho and their computer. Afterwards, when Yuta had returned to the real world, Gridman made the point that what had transpired was just the beginning.Awakening

The next day, Yuta asked Gridman what his mission exactly was, only to be told that he will find out later. Rikka and Sho were also able to see him on the computer. Samurai・Calibur then came along and did some modifications to Junk, which optimized Gridman for the upcoming battles ahead, and also allowed him to talk directly to everyone else. Gridman gives Yuta the Primal Acceptor to Access Flash and become one to fight against the kaiju. Gridman used an Assist Weapon, the Gridman Calibur, for the first time to finish off Dévadadan. Restoration

Gridman's next challenger was Anti, a kaiju made specifically to deal with the Hyper Agent. Misled into believing that kaiju could be humans, Yuta could not bring himself to fight properly and was defeated as a result. Gridman, Yuta and Calibur disappeared until the next day, when Gridman was restored and repaired. The three of them were revealed to have been waiting inside Junk for Anti to return and then ambush it, but decided to come out after the Borr of the Neon Genesis Junior High Students encouraged them to. In their second battle, Anti confirms that he is not human, allowing Yuta to fight without hesitation. He combined with Max and draws the battle to a stalemate with the power of Max Gridman, with Anti timing out just before him.Defeat Anti continued to challenge Gridman whenever he appeared, even when there were other kaiju around.SuspicionProvocation

Yuta tried to explain what Anosillus the 2nd told him, but when asked, Gridman says he cannot remember anything about it. However, seeing a huge city in the sky during his next fight, he confirms his and Yuta's suspicions of Akane and Alexis being the source of the coming danger.Scheme While Rikka and Sho argued over what to do with Akane, Gridman and Yuta stood neutral ground and he saw validity in both their opinions, which were to try avoiding conflict, and to prepare for an incoming attack respectively. Unfortunately, the Gridman Alliance were unable to convince Akane to hold off on Mecha Ghoulghilas's attack. Yuta merged with Gridman at around half his normal size and then combined with the Assist Weapons, forming Full Powered Gridman, which easily defeated Mecha Ghoulghilas.Confrontation


Body Features

  • Fullbody Armor: Gridman's whole body is covered in some sort of metallic armor. It seems to be very durable, being able to withstand attacks without being scratched or falling apart.
  • Warning Light: On Gridman's forehead is a green light that flashes and beeps to inform him when he is running out of time, which is limited by Junk's processing power. It is similar to a Beam Lamp or a Color Timer.
  • Bracer: On Gridman's left arm is a device similar to the Primal Acceptor. He uses it to fire his finisher, the Grid Beam.
  • Chest Crystal: An orange crystal on his chest that serves a currently unknown purpose.


In his first transformation, Yuta is forcefully swallowed by Junk and within cyberspace, he connects with Gridman in a similar way to his predecessor, Naoto Sho did in Denkou Choujin Gridman. Gridman then appears in a flash of light.

After Gridman is optimized, Yuta is given the Primal Acceptor (プライマルアクセプター Puraimaru Akuseputā) to properly transform. He says the phrase "Access Flash (アクセス・フラッシュ Akusesu Furasshu)" and enters the computer where he combines with Gridman, giving the Hyper Agent a physical form to fight with in the real world.


Initial Fighter

"I-I'm optimizing it. Gridman's no good as he is now."

―Samurai・Calibur commenting on Gridman's form

Initial Fighter (イニシャル・ファイター Inisharu Faitā)[1] is Gridman's first form, which is mostly blue and purple. When Yuta fights in this form, he comments that he is very sluggish. This form was permanently upgraded into the optimized form, Primal Fighter.

  • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): A beam fired from the back of the bracer on his left arm, it is powerful enough to destroy a monster in one hit. It is performed in the same fashion as the original's Grid Beam.
  • Jumping Kick: Gridman performs a jumping kick that follows the same movements as the original's Neo Super Conductivity Kick almost exactly. However, this is simply a normal attacking technique rather than a finisher.

Primal Fighter

Primal Fighter[2] is Gridman's optimized normal form. It was accessed when he merges with Yuta after Junk had been upgraded, materializing in the real world with this color scheme. Afterwards, it became his default form. It is faster and more agile than his Initial Fighter form.

  • Restoration: Somehow, Gridman is capable of healing himself after being defeated, though he and Yuta (along with any Assist Weapons he has with him) disappear for about a day. While in this recovery mode, Yuta's phone can still be called, which is how Rikka managed to contact him.
  • Rocket Thrusters: Gridman has rocket thrusters on several places of his being, such as on his back and underneath his feet. These help him to fly, soften his landing, or boost himself.
  • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): A beam fired from the back of the bracer on his left arm, it is powerful enough to destroy a monster in one hit. It is performed in the same fashion as the original's Grid Beam.
  • Grid Light Saber Slash (グリッドライトセイバースラッシュ Guriddo Raito Seibā Surasshu): Gridman generates a golden energy blade from his bracer to slice through his opponent.
  • Grid Kinesis (グリッドキネシス Guriddo Kineshisu): Gridman can enter the dreams of others and wake them up through his direct or indirect influence.
  • Grid Calibur End (グリッドキャリバーエンド Guriddo Kyaribā Endo): While using the Gridman Calibur, Gridman moves towards his enemy via the thrusters on his back, and slashes with his sword.

Gridman combines with his Assist Weapons, providing him with new forms.

Max Gridman

"Heracles Combine! Max Gridman!"

―Combination announcement

Max Gridman (マックスグリッドマン Makkusu Guriddoman) is Gridman's form when he combines with Battle Tracto Max. While wearing this Assist Weapon, Gridman gains additional arm strength. Despite the added weight to his upper body, Gridman is still capable of performing acrobatic maneuvers.

  • Rocket Thrusters: The wheels of Battle Tracto Max recede to reveal rocket thrusters.
  • Tanker Cannon (タンカーキャノン Tankā Kyanon): Just like the Assist Weapon he combines with, Gridman can shoot explosive shells out of the twin barrels on his shoulders.
  • Max Grid Beam (マックスグリッドビーム Makkusu Guriddo Bīmu): An enhanced form of his Grid Beam, it is a beam with a diameter similar to or bigger than Gridman's height, fired from the Battle Tracto Max's clasped hands and shoulder cannons.
  • Super Lightning Kick (超電撃キック Chō Dengeki Kikku): Gridman delivers a powerful finisher kick while being boosted by Battle Tracto Max's rocket thrusters.

Buster Gridman

"Full Armor Combine! Buster Gridman!"

―Combination announcement

Buster Gridman (バスターグリッドマン Basutā Guriddoman) is Gridman's form when he combines with Buster Borr. While wearing this Assist Weapon, Gridman gains additional firepower and enhanced durability.

  • Terrain Travel Mode (地上走行モード Chijō Sōkō Mōdo Unused)[3]: Although never used in the series proper, appearing only in the opening, Gridman can use Buster Borr's wheels to gain additional speed on land.
  • Guns: Gridman can use the wheels of Buster Borr to launch rapid-fire bullets, similar to a Gatling gun.
  • Forest Extinguisher Missile (フォレスター消火弾 Foresutā Shōka-dan lit. Forrester Fire Extinguishing Missile): One of Buster Borr's abilities, Gridman can use these to put out fires over a wide area.
  • Buster Grid Missile (バスターグリッドミサイル Basutā Guriddo Misairu): Conventional missiles fired from Buster Borr's treads.
  • Twin Drills (ツインドリル Tsuin Doriru)[4]: The drills of Buster Borr, their default mode is the Driller Mode (ドリラーモード Dorirā Mōdo), and can open up to reveal plasma cannons in Buster Mode (バスターモード Basutā Mōdo).
    • Twin Buster Grid Beam (ツインバスターグリッドビーム Tsuin Basutā Guriddo Bīmu): Buster Gridman's enhanced Grid Beam, fired from the Twin Drills in Buster Mode.

Sky Gridman

"Empyrean Combine! Sky Gridman!"

―Combination announcement

Sky Gridman (スカイグリッドマン Sukai Guriddoman) is Gridman's form when he combines with Sky Vitter. While wearing this Assist Weapon, Gridman gains an increase in flight speed and aerial combat proficiency.

  • Flight: This combination provides Gridman with rocket propelled high speed flight.
  • Reaction Time: Through his helmet's visor, Gridman can better track and thus anticipate the movements of high speed objects.
  • Visor: Sky Gridman's visor not only allows him to tract targets but its HUD can zoom in, allowing Gridman to see things in greater detail.
  • Beam Cannon: After locking on to an enemy using the visor HUD, Sky Gridman can fire energy beams from both guns on the back thrusters.
  • Lucky Smoke Screen (ラッキースモークスクリーン Rakkī Sumōku Sukurīn): Smoke bombs fired from the back of the legs, to evade opponents or temporarily blind them.
  • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): Though he never actually uses it, Gridman is still capable of firing his normal Grid Beam.

Full Powered Gridman

"Hyperlink Combine! Full Powered Gridman!"

―Combination announcement

Full Powered Gridman (フルパワーグリッドマン Furu Pawā Guriddoman lit. Full Power Gridman) is Gridman's greatest combined form. Buster Borr forms the main body, Sky Vitter forms the legs and Battle Tracto Max forms the arms while he wields the Gridman Calibur, with the Axe Blade (アックスブレード Akkusu Burēdo)[5] jettisoned, joining Buster Borr as a chestplate, essentially making it a combination of all his other combined forms. However, due to the strain on Junk, Gridman and the Assist Weapons manifest at a fraction of their normal size though when combined, this form stands at a height comparable to Gridman's normal stature.

  • Super Strength: Through Battle Tracto Max, Full Powered Gridman can use Max Gridman's super strength.
  • Enhanced Durability: Through Buster Borr forming the chestplate, Full Powered Gridman is more protected from attacks.
  • Flight: Through Sky Vitter's boosters, Full Powered Gridman is capable of flight despite its massive size.
  • Twin Drill Break (ツインドリルブレイク Tsuin Doriru Bureiku): Gridman fires Buster Borr's twin drills as missiles. Despite how they are used, they return to Gridman's shoulders.
  • Buster Grid Missile (バスターグリッドミサイル Basutā Guriddo Misairu): Gridman fires a barrage of missiles from Buster Borr's treads.
  • Full Power Charge (フルパワーチャージ Furu Pawā Chāji): Full Powered Gridman holds the Gridman Calibur upwards, charging energy as his armor becomes covered in a golden aura.
    • Grid Full Power Finish (グリッドフルパワーフィニッシュ Guriddo Furu Pawā Finisshu): Using the Full Power Charge, Full Powered Gridman covers the Gridman Calibur with a golden aura, which becomes a large beam fired at the enemy.
  • Breast Spark (ブレストスパーク Buresuto Supāku): Gridman fires a green electrical beam from the crystal on his chestplate.

Assist Weapons

Like the original incarnation, Gridman has access to several Assist Weapons (アシストウェポン Ashisuto Uepon) to help him in battle. What is known is that the Assist Weapons are not programs but are instead the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, who transform into weapons and vehicles for Gridman to use or combine with.


  • Gridman's primary weakness is Junk's processing power, which affects his energy and thus time limit. This was best demonstrated during the fourth episode, when all four Assist Weapons attempted to help Gridman at the same time, Junk overheated and sparked, causing Gridman and the Assist Weapons to freeze in place in a pixelated-like state. After Junk was rebooted by Rikka, Max Gridman had much less energy to use, only enough to deal the finishing blow. In the eighth episode Yuta came up with the idea to come around this weakness from what Gridman told him about his size limitations. By using Gridman at half height, the four Assist Weapons were able to be summoned at once.
  • Gridman is bound to Junk, which means that unless Yuta is near Junk, Gridman cannot fight. Yuta has to either get himself to the computer, or have it brought to him, both of which are time-consuming and impractical.
  • Gridman's time limit is also affected by his size. The larger he is, the less time he has to fight. As a result, his size limit is 70 meters in height, any more and he would not have enough time.


Strong Style Sofvi Series

  • Gridman (2018)
    • Height: 185 mm
    • Price: 3980 yen (tax included)
    • Release Date: December 18, 2018
    • ID Number: 1
    • Manufacturer: FineΦClover

The first soft vinyl to be made by anime figurine manufacturer FineΦClover. Gridman, displayed in his optimized form, Primal Fighter stands at the height of 185 mm and so far has no sign of articulation.[6]

  • Gridman (Initial Fighter) (2018)
    • Height: 185 mm
    • Release Date: December 19, 2018 (w/ Blu-Ray)
    • ID Number: N/A
    • Manufacturer: FineΦClover

Initial Fighter is a redeco of the original Primal Fighter form of Gridman. This is exclusively available when purchasing the first volume of SSSS.GRIDMAN Blu-Ray release.[7] Compared to its appearance in the anime, the figure's coloration has a darker shade of light blue and is blue instead of purple.


  • Gridman
    • Height: 100 mm
    • Price: 5250 yen
    • Release Date: March, 2019
    • ID Number: N/A
    • Manufacturer: MegaHouse

The Actibuilder figure has over 30 points of articulation, though some assembly is required. The Gridman Calibur and a stand are also included.

  • Gridman DX Assist Weapon Set
    • Height: 100 mm
    • Price: 16,800 yen
    • Release Date: March, 2019
    • ID Number: N/A
    • Manufacturer: MegaHouse

A deluxe set containing the same figure as above and the four Assist Weapons as seen in the show.

Good Smile

  • Max Combine DX Full Power Gridman
    • Height: 140 mm
    • Price: 15,278 yen (Before Tax)
    • Release Date: April, 2019
    • ID Number: N/A
    • Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

A detailed figure of Gridman, with the four Assist Weapons included. The Assist Weapons are capable of combining with Gridman to create the various combinations as seen in the series. This set was previously called the "Gridman DX Assist Weapon Set", but the name was changed following the reveal of Gridman's final combination. [8]



  • Hikaru Midorikawa, the voice actor for the original Gridman, returns to reprise his role as Gridman's voice actor.

Lightning Attacker reference in the ending credits of episode 1, highlighted in yellow.

  • Gridman's new design was made by Masayuki Goto, the head designer for the New Generation Ultramen. His design reflects that of Ultraman Orb Lightning Attacker, a fact that was referenced in-universe by a commentor on YouTube.
  • The coloring of Gridman's Initial Fighter (sans purple) is a tribute to Naoto Sho's cyan bodysuit during his prior fusion with Gridman after activating the Acceptor.
  • Some of Gridman's techniques and actions are references to other moves in the mecha-genre of anime.
    • Gridman's Grid Calibur End is a frame by frame replica of Fighbird's Flame Sword charge up motion from The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird. Prior to that, he points the sword to the screen a la Masami Obari's mecha anime.
    • Buster Gridman's combination sequence has Buster Borr's chestplate flying to Gridman's chest, a reference to Great Fighbird.
    • Max Gridman's hand-clasping motion, prior to executing Max Grid Beam is a tribute to Hell & Heaven technique executed by the titular mecha of GaoGaiGar and Optimus Prime (ja:Convoy)'s scene in the Japanese first opening of Transformers Armada (ja:Transformers Micron Legend).
    • Full Powered Gridman's combination sequence is very similar to another super robot, Might Gaine.
    • His and Anti's attempt to deliver flying punches as a zooming scene similar to Masami Obari's iconic mecha anime.
    • The Super Lightning Kick is very similar to the Super Inazuma Kick from Aim for the Top! Gunbuster.
  • The positioning of Sky Vitter in Gridman's combination sequence is based on the 501st Joint Fighter Wing members from Strike Witches.
  • The Grid Full Power Finish is also based on one of Great Might Gaine's finishers and is executed similarly.
  • Gridman's Gridknight Saber is inspired by Ultraman Hikari's, a fact made obvious, because in the same episode a version of Hikari from Ultraman Super Fighter Legend manga made a cameo.
  • Imitating the live action suit in Denkou Choujin Gridman, Gridman's shoulderguards flop around when he fights in 3DCG scenes.
  • Full Powered Gridman's setup slightly differs from its template, Thunder Gridman, from Denkou Choujin Gridman. On Thunder Gridman, the drill Assist Weapon forms the arms and shoulders, the jet forms the chestplate and the tank forms the legs whereas on Full Powered Gridman, the drill forms the chestplate, the tank forms the arms and the jet forms the legs. Full Powered Gridman's name is also derived from another of Gridman's forms, also called Full Power Gridman, which was Thunder Gridman using the Dyna Dragon set of Assist Weapons; riding the King Jet while holding the Dragonic Cannon, whereas this version wields the Gridman Sword's equivalent instead.
  • Gridman has been frequently compared to Ultraman X online and the two indeed share some similarities:
    • They are extraterrestrial cybernetic warriors who somehow lost their physical forms, having to rely on a human host to give them a physical body to fight monsters with.
    • The two of them are bound to a device of some sort.
    • Both are capable of using weapons and armors made out of what can be considered their friends and comrades, and one of their greatest powers comes from all their armors combined.


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