57 - gralfan
Home world: Planet Earth (Cosmos Universe0
First appearance: Ultraman Cosmos episode 57: Door of Snow
Latest appearance: TBA
Height: 60 m
Weight: 6,000 tons
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Ultraman Cosmos
Roar(s): TBA

Gruanfan (グラルファン, Gurarufan?) is an ancient mystical beast in the Ultraman Cosmos TV series. She appears in episode 57.

Subtitle: Legendary Holy Beast (伝説聖獣, Densetsu Seijū?)


  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Beyond the door of the card


Ultraman Cosmos

Gruanfan is a monster which lives in the world of memories. An old man named Tomano desires to brought it to his world with playing his memorable violin song to the door card. With his efforts finally came in success, Gruanfan appears where she stops the time (save the old man, the boy whom always assist Tomano, Ayano and Musashi) played the old man's memories of him happily with his family. Despite this, however, he cannot enter his memory and decided to leave it only as a remembrance. The boy takes Gruanfan's door frame and rise it high, trying to get her back to her dimension. Musashi sees this and transforms into Cosmos where he enlarges the door as the monster leaves. The old man vanishes since the person whom summons Gruanfan will cease to exist and gave the boy Gruanfan's portal frame as a gift for believing and helping him.


Powers and Abilities

  • Time Stop: Gruanfan can stop time in a chosen locations at will.
  • Memory Replay: Gruanfan can replay the memories of a person and allow them to enjoy the dream once again.


Any person whom summons Gruanfan will automatically cease to exist.


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