Home world: Planet Guar
First appearance: Andro Melos Episode 22 (1983)
Latest appearance: Andro Melos Episode 42 (1983)
Height: 1313 m
Weight: 8.2 million t
Category: Robots
Affiliation: Gina (Pilot)
Roar(s): None
Gyeronia (ギエロニア Gieronia) is a gigantic mecha themed after Star Bem Gyeron.

Subtitle: Monster Battleship (怪獣戦艦 Kaijū Senkan)


  • Height: 1313 m
  • Weight: 8.2 million t
  • Origin: Planet Guar


Andro Super Warriors

Throughout episodes 22 through 29, Gieronia was created by the Guar Army using Star Bem Gyeron as a basis and piloted by Gina. It teamed up with its "brothers", Bemzn and King Joegue.

Powers and Weapons

  • Black Hole Gun: Gieronia has a black hole gun built in his mouth.


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