86911281-260x260-0-0 Bandai HDM Ultraman 8 Brothers figure gashapon cas

An exaple of HDM Ultra Series Ultraman figure packaging

Hyper Detail Molding or (HDM), is a small size action figure focused on Ultra Crussaders and Ultras kaiju. HDM is released by Bandai company on 2008 and finished on 2012. The figures is similar to Bandai H.G.C.O.R.E figures.

List of Toys

  1. Ultraman
  2. Imitation Ultraman
  3. Ultraseven
  4. Ultraman Jack
  5. Ultraman Ace
  6. Ultraman Ken
  7. Ultraman Taro
  8. Ultraman Tiga multi type
  9. Ultraman Dyna miracle type
  10. Ultraman Gaia v2
  11. Ultraman Cosmos luna
  12. Ultraman Cosmos corona
  13. Ultraman Mebius
  14. Ultraman Zero
  15. Darklops Zero
  16. Ultraman Belial early form
  17. Ultraman Belial
  18. Ultraman King
  19. Ultraman Saga


  1. Alien Zarab
  2. Bemular
  3. Antlar
  4. Alien Hipporito
  5. Zetton
  6. King Gesura
  7. Pandon
  8. Hyper Zetton


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