HG Hero Series (HGエイチジーヒーローズ) is one of the sublines for HG Series. The subline features two versions of each figure: Normal ver. (which omits some details), and Fully detailed ver., while some of them were released without any variants.


Part 1: Shining Hope: Ultraman SagaEdit

Release Date: March 2012
  • Ultraman Zero (normal or fully detailed)
  • Ultraman Cosmos (Luna Mode) (normal or fully detailed)
  • Ultraman Saga (normal or fully detailed)
  • Hyper Zetton (Imago) (normal or fully detailed)
NOTE: Hyper Zetton features in either transparent and opaque yellow plastics.

Part 2Edit

Release Date: August 2012
  • Ultraman Zero (StrongCorona Zero) (normal or fully detailed)
  • Ultraman Zero (LunaMiracle Zero) (normal or fully detailed)
  • Ultraman Saga (Birth)
  • Ultraman Saga (Fully detailed/Emission Scene)
  • Ultraman Saga (Saga Cutter)
  • Hyper Zetton (Imago, Collapse Aura)
  • Pedan Seijin

Part 3: In Between a Devil & AngelEdit

Release Date: December 2012
  • Wandering Zero
  • Wandering Zero (StrongCorona)
  • Wandering Zero (LunaMiracle)
  • Baltan Seijin (Generation 2)
  • Baltan Seijin (Generation 2, Spellgen Reflector)
  • Baltan Seijin (Generation 2, fully detailed)
  • Baltan Seijin (Generation 3)
  • Kiyla (normal)
  • Kiyla (fully detailed, eyes closed with Ultra Slash Disk)
  • Zelan Seijin

HG Hero Series Live: Ultraman GingaEdit

Includes a scan code piece (located at their bottom spines) which is compatible to the DX Ginga Spark. Unlike previous HG Series Ultraman figures, they cost 300 yen.

Release Date: 2013
  • Ultraman Ginga (normal)
  • Ultraman Ginga (fully detailed)
  • Ultraman Tarou
  • Valkie Seijin

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