Hajime Tsuburaya
Hajime Tsuburaya
Born: April 23, 1931
Occupation: Director
Film Director
Script writer
Years active: 1954 - 1973
Spouse: First Wife (? - Divorced)

Second Wife (? - 1973)

Website: TBA
Hajime Tsuburaya (つぶらやはじめ Tsuburaya Hajime) was a director in Ultra Series. He was the first son of Eiji Tsuburaya and father of Hiroshi Tsuburaya. He took over Tsuburaya Productions after Eiji passed away in 1970.


Hajime Tsuburaya died in February 9, 1973, after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage just after waking up. He suddenly collapsed, he was delivered to a hospital but died soon afterward. He was 41 years old at that time. It had been only three years,since his father's death.


  • In Ultraman Tiga episode 49, The Ultra Star, which was created as a commemorative episode for him and his father, the role of himself is portrayed by his son, Hiroshi Tsuburaya.

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