Series Episodes
Heisei Ultra Seven
Heisei Ultra Seven is the 1st OV entry in the Ultra Series
Format: Science fiction, action, adventure
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Sandayū Dokumamushi

Kagemaru Shigeki Matsuyama Takashi Ami Suzuki

Koji Nanjo Katsuyuki Yamazaki Kunio Masaoka Koga Wataru Ugawa Kaoru Adachi Rieko Katsumura Mika

Opening Theme: Ultraseven no Uta
Ending Theme: None
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 15
Running Time TBA
Original Channel Nippon Television
Original Air Date March 21, 1994 – September 25, 2002
Preceded by Ultraseven
Succeeded by None

NTV Specials (1994)

1. Ultraseven - Operation: Solar Energy (ウルトラセブン 太陽エネルギー作戦 Urutorasebun Taiyō Enerugī Sakusen)

Summary: After defeating Reconstructed Pandon and leaving Earth, Ultraseven falls back to Earth after being defeated in space. On Earth, Furuhashi is now Captain of the new Ultra Garrison while Anne has retired and now lives with her brother, who is a renowned scientist working on a 'Hyper Solar System' module, which the Alien Pitt want to acquire.

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien PittEleking

2. Ultraseven - The Ground of the Earthlings (ウルトラセブン 地球星人の大地, Urutorasebun Chikyū Seijin no Daichi)


Kaiju/Seijin: Alien MetronDinosaur

Ultra Seven 30th Anniversary Memorial Trilogy (1998)

The Final Chapters (1999)

Ultra Seven 35th Anniversary: EVOLUTION (2002)