Hell cat
Home world: Planet Heller
First appearance: The☆Ultraman Episode 39: "The Targeted Giant Warship Ultria."
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Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
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Hell Cat (ヘルキャット Herukyatto?) was a kaiju that appeared in The Ultraman. Subtitle: Huge Mystery (巨大怪猫 Kyodai Kaibyō?)


  • Height: 23 cm ~ 88 m
  • Weight: 1.28 kg ~ 68,000 t


  • Size Change: Hell Cat is capable of changing its size from that of a normal house cat to that of a giant monster. The larger he becomes, the more monstrous he will also appear.
  • Life Drain: Hell Cat can drain the life from other organisms although how it does it is unknown.


After the U40 warship, now dubbed the Ultria, successfully destroyed a significant portion of the Heller fleet the invaders retreated to their base on Saturn's moon of Titan to devise a new plan. The Heller aliens sent a small cat monster named Hell Cat to infiltrate the space station EGG-3. Upon doing so Hell Cat managed to kill off an entire section of crewmen and managed to evade the Scientific Defense Guard with his ability to turn into a normal kitten. After attacking Pigu, Hell Cat aimed for Mutsumi only for Ultraman Joneus to attack the giant feline. Joneus managed to lead Hell Cat into a section he managed to seal off so nobody else would get caught in their fight. To assist Joneus, Pigu and an Ultria drone managed to activate a bomb, blowing both the hero and Hell Cat into space. Once Hell Cat reached maximum size he was finished off with Joneus's Planium Beam and one of the Ultria's cannons.
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