Gender: Male
Age: TBA
Home world: Planet U40 (formerly)
Series: The☆Ultraman
First appearance: TBA
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances: TBA
Type: Villian
Family: TBA
Affiliation: Panther (pet)
Portrayed by: Tamio Oki
Hellar (ヘラー Herā) is a villain from The☆Ultraman. He is an exile from Planet U40 and leader of the Heller Fleet.



The leader of Hellar fleet, Hellar was an Ultra who proposed to use the powers of the Ultra Mind to conquer the universe, content in his belief in their superiority. This idea was outright rejected by the ruling body of U40 and Hellar was banished along with other like minded individuals. Stripped of their Beam Flashers and direct link to the Ultra Mind, what powers they maintained were used to make themselves biologically immortal (they didn't age) and they proceeded to create a fleet of robots, starships and monsters using their advance Ultra Science. They later attempted to attack U40 but where easily repulsed and instead turned his attentions to Earth as part of ploy to defeat the Ultras knowing they monitored the planet and its inhabitants. Hellar's second in command Royger was put in charge of the Earth invasion and when he was latter killed the conflict escalated into all out war between him and the people of U40. Somehow he captured the great elder and later the science guard on his base planet. He digitized the elder into a data card to learn his secrets of the Ultra Mind and attempted to have the team executed, knowing one of them was host to Joneus. However Joneus was summoned and assisted by Elek and Loto who brought his then flying base crashing down. Joneus himself punched Hellar at giant size sending to him to fall to his death while the rest of the Hellar fleet was defeated.


  • Hellar's background is similar to Belial's, both were Ultras who coveted the source of their people's powers and were banished. Both also created large armies to attack their former homes.

Powers and Weapons

  • Eternal Youth: Hellar did not age due to being a former Ultra.


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