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Hiroko Sakurai

Hiroko Sakurai (桜井浩子Sakurai Hiroko?) (born. March 4, 1946 in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan.) is a Japanese actress and producer at Tsuburaya Productions. She is a member of Ultraman Foundation with Susumu Kurobe and the others. In 1966, she played Akiko Fuji in the Ultraman.



Akiko Fuji armed B&W

Hiroko Sakurai as Akiko Fuji


  • 1967: Ultraman (1967 film)
  • 1979: Ultraman (1979 film)
  • 1996: Revive! Ultraman
  • 1996: Ultraman Zearth
  • 1997: Ultraman Zearth 2
  • 2001: Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact
  • 2006: Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers
  • 2008: Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers as Akiko Fuji

Support Message for Japan ChildrensEdit

"To all children, please don't go to any dangerous places! When you are sad, do not hesitate to show your tears. But after you have cried, look up, face forward, and move on. You have my support!


  • A Chronicle of Ultraman’s Youth: Member Fuji’s 929 Days (ウルトラマン青春記―フジ隊員の929日 Urutoraman seishunki- Fuji taiin no 929 nichi?) (1994, Shōgakukan) ISBN 4-09-387128-0
  • The Genesis Of Ultraman (ウルトラマン創世記 Urutoraman sōseiki?) (2003, Shōgakukan)ISBN 4-09-387464-6.
  • Akiko Fujiko’s Story: Secrets Behind the Filming of Ultraman (フジアキコ物語: ウルトラマン撮影秘話。 Fuji akiko monogatari : urutoraman satsuei hiwa.?) (2005, Kadokawashoten) ISBN 404853853.


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