Home world: Earth
First appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 3: "First-Love Monster" (1980)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Orb Episode 7: "A Future Shrouded in Fog" (2016)
Height: 50 m
Weight: 20,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Ultraman Belial
Beryudora (Body Part)
Roar(s): Unknown
Hoe (ホー ?), also known as Ho, is a kaiju who appeared in Episode 3 of Ultraman 80.

Subtitle: Sulfuric Acid Monster (硫酸怪獣 Ryūsan Kaijū?)


  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown


Ultraman 80

Hoe I
After a teenage boy had his heart broken, Hoe was created by the negative emotions he was feeling. Hoe began to ravage the city around him as he acted wildly. UGM arrived to the scene, but their fighters were no match for Hoe's heat stream. After the young boy passed out Yamoto turned into Ultraman 80. Hoe began to mercilessly beat down 80, but the hero never gave up as he tried his best to beat down the negativity kaiju. The Saxium Beam was used, but Hoe had a natural resistance to beams. 80 tried the Buckle Beam, this time reducing Hoe to nothing.


  • Design: Osamu Yamaguchi 
  • Hoe's roar is a modified Seagoras roar and was later used for Alien L85 Zuckal, Jihibikiran and Delusion Ultraseven.
  • Hoe visibly appears to be a mixture of various canine and feline species.
  • Of all the minus energy kaiju from Ultraman 80's series, Hoe has the most number of reappearances; this could be attributed to the real-life fact that among all negative emotions, sadness (the negative energy Hoe is spawned from) is the most recurring and difficult to get over for most people.

Ultraman Mebius


Hoe, as seen in Ultraman Mebius

Hoe reappeared in episode 41 of Ultraman Mebius.

After the announcement of their school being scheduled to be demolished in the coming weeks, negative energy was created by the sad atmosphere given off by the students of Yamato Takeshi during its final reunion. This energy materialized had branched out, forming the monster Hoe. As it threatened to destroy countless lives, Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius, but Hoe were evenly matched. GUYS attacked with their wing fighters, but their attacks simply passed through its minus energy body, making the situation more serious, worse when Hoe pinned Mebius and began to cry his acidic tears on him.

Called forth by the presence of Negative Energy on Earth, Ultraman 80 arrived on Earth to deal with the monster. After a short fray, Hoe looked towards the sky, longingly desiring to leave Earth. 80 used his Buckle Beam on Hoe, transforming him into energy, and the Kaiju flew into space.


  • In this series, Hoe has a blue energy beam rather than a blast of fire.
  • This episode was later featured in New Ultraman Retusuden episode 69: 80's Bond: Teacher of Memories.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie

Image debssgsggs

Hoe in Belial monster army

Hoe returned in the film Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie as one of Ultraman Belial's 100 monster army. He was first seen as a spirit in a shot of the Monster Graveyard along with Fire Golza, King Pandon, Zoa Muruchi, and Frogos. He was then seen rising out of the ground along with Red King, Eleking, King Gesura, Tyrant, Gudon, and Banpira. He then teamed up with Alien Reflect, Tyrant, Galberos, Vakishim, and Sadora to take down Litra. When Reimon and his Gomora went beserk thanks to Belial, he and the other surviving monsters stood back to watch Gomora fight the Ultras. He was killed by Zero's Emerium Slash when he arrived along with Roberuga Jr and Kelbeam.


  • The Hoe Suit from Ultraman Mebius was reused for Hoe's appearance in the series.
  • Hoe is seen as one of the monsters that merges with the others to become Beryudora, what part he makes up is not identified however.
  • Hoe seems to be similar to Gabara from All Monsters Attack as both were created from the minds of children through peer pressure, even though they were of different peer pressure. Gabara was created from a child being bullied and Hoe was created from a love sick middle school boy.

Ultraman Ginga

In episode 7, Hoe, along with a lot of other monsters, are seen cheering on Ultraman Ginga as he fights Dark Galberos.

Ultraman Orb


Hoe reappears in episode 7 of Ultraman Orb where his appearance was foreshadowed by visions seen by a special girl named Haruka who worried that the monster might appear from a fog and defeat and kill Ultraman Orb.

Soon afterwards, Hoe appeared for real after a fog, consisting of Minus Energy, enveloped the town and the monster soon began to go on a rampage and destroyed a lot infrastructure by absorbed the Minus Energy and using his energy attacks on them. According to Gai Kurenai, the monster appeared because of Haruka's sorrow and despair to prevent the future from changing due to her future predicting ability. The wanderer then transformed into the Ultra in his Burnmite form and began to fight the monster. Even though he stopped to cry at the beginning of the fight, Hoe got the upper hand in combat and was going to kill Orb by repeatedly stomping on him.

However, after hearing words of encouragement from Haruka (who was watching the battle and finally snapped out of her depression after she some words of encouragement from Gai and Naomi), Orb threw the monster away from him and seemingly killed Hoe by using his Stobium Dynamite, but Hoe just reappeared behind him and fired another Hoe Flash at him, which Orb dodged, and the latter the turned into his Spacium Zeperion form saw him cry shed a tear once more,in Hoe's final moments, it stood completely still as Orb fired his Sperion Ray at Hoe, transforming him into pure energy and then disappearing for good.


  • The Hoe Suit from Ultraman Mebius was reused for Hoe's appearance in the series, only with the eyes being much more blue.
  • Hoe is one of the many monsters to not have been summoned by Jugglus Juggler.

Powers and Weapons

  • Hoe Flash (ホーフラッシュ Hō Furasshu?): Hoe can fire a beam of blue and purple energy from his mouth.
  • Acidic Tears: Hoe can create tears of acid from his eyes. These tears can also be explosive.
  • Flame: Hoe can emit a deadly stream of fire from his mouth.
  • Projectile Immunity: Being composed of Negative Energy, Hoe's body is intangible to any projectile attacks that could harm him.

Other Media

Ultra Zone

Hoe appears in the TV series, Ultra Zone.


Hoe in Ultra Zone

During episodes 12 and 13, Hoes are created from an environment that surrounds a broken up couple. At the same time, a Lunatyx is seen attacking the city, provoking the Hoes to merge into a giant Hoe and battle the Lunatyx. Ultimately Lunatyx is seen into retreating, but Hoe turns his rampage on the couple who created him and attacks them too. After the couple rekindle their relationship during the fray, Hoe vanishes, now that the negative energy has been purified.

Ultraman Galaxy

Hoe reappeared in the new puzzle role-playing game for mobile devices, Ultraman Galaxy as a UC (Uncommon) card that you can unlock him in one of the levels in the game with a rare chance of getting Hoe.


Ultraman 80

Ultraman Mebius

Ultraman Orb


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