Holy Sword to the future
Ultraman Ginga S, Episode 10
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Air date November 11th, 2014
Screenplay by Akio Miyoshi
Directed by Yoshikazu Ishii
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The Tears of Gan-Q

Holy Sword to the Future (未来への聖剣 Mirai eno Seiken) is the tenth episode of Ultraman Ginga S. This episode features the debut of Ultraman Victory's new UlTrans, the Shepherdon Saber. This episode also features the last scene of Shepherdon.


As Shepherdon is held in stiff bonds, Alien Guts Borusuto has sent out his next Choju!! A desperate battle ensues. Victory is infected by the deadly poison of Doragoris! But the Ultra does not seem to be dying. The blow was through the body of Shepherdon, who put himself in the way! What is their fate? [Translated From the Official Episode Summary]






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DVD/Blu-Ray Release

  • Ultraman Ginga S Volume 4 features episodes 9-11, & Ultraman Ginga S Blu-Ray Box II features episodes 9-16.


  • The fact that this one of the tragic death of monster's like Shepherdon since Guarde.
    • Both of them shared similarities as both of the monsters help Ultraman's in battle.
    • However, Shepherdon was not "killed," but simply transformed into a translucent Spark Doll.

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