Hoshi Sawako
Gender: Female (human form)
Age: Unknown
Home world: Unknown
Series: Ultraman 80
First appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 18
Last appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 19
Number of appearances: 2
Type: Alien
Family: Unknown Father (was turned into a monster)

Unknown Mother
Chief Ito (boyfriend)

Affiliation: Lavras (boyfriend)
Gimira (Enemy)
Portrayed by: Midori Takei
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Hoshi Sawako was an alien that came to Earth after her ship was destroyed by Gimira.


20 years ago, Sawako was a peaceful alien until when heading to her home planet, Gimira attacked her ship killing her mother and turning her dad into a monster. Then her spaceship blew up so she headed to Earth hoping Gimira wouldn't come to attack her. She lived on a island where she was raised for the rest of her life. She later fell in love with Ito (deputy captain/chief of UGM). Then Gimira came to the island but she still stayed there hoping she could stop the monster.

Then when Chief Ito was sent on a mission to detect if the island had any monsters. He was turned into Lavras in front of Sawako. Terrified she took care of Lavras as it was Ito. Then the rest of UGM came when their stuff at their camp was being stolen by Sawako. Everyone thought she was on Gimira's side until she talked with Yamato and said she wanted to kill Gimira herself to avenge her father and boyfriend Ito. Then when Lavras was killed Sawako sacrificed herself to keep Ito alive so she gave her life force to Ito to revive him. Leaving her spirit to inhabit the island.


  • Her alien race was never seen only her spaceship.
  • It is unknown if that is her human form or Sawako herself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immunity: She has a very good immune system shown how she is immune by the Mind Control Fog and the Vampire Tounge of Gimira.
  • Revive: Sawako can revive humans and other lifeforms by giving up her life.