Human Hosts/Forms
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User(s): Most Ultras
Some Alien Species
Nature: Assimilation with a human or human like being (Human Hosts)
The ability to take on any human's likeness (Human Forms)
Powers: Varies
First Appearance: Ultraman Episode 1 (Human Hosts)
Ultraseven Episode 17 (Human Forms)
Status: A natural ability.

Ultras have the power to merge with humans. These chosen individuals are then able to transform into their Ultra counterpart, generally through the use of a special item, most commonly referred to as a "transformation item". This is required due to the fact that Ultras in many continuities cannot survive long in Earth's atmosphere. However, this is not the only option open to the Ultras; like many Alien races in the series, they can take on human forms. Their methods of transforming back into their true forms are generally the same as those Ultras who have Human Hosts, but there are some instances which bring this into question.

In the Ultraman Story 0 manga series, all Ultras are born with their own human forms.


Human Hosts and Ultras in Human form have certain traits that separate them from normal humans.

Human Host Traits

  • Resurrection: Several times the host of an Ultra was a human who was recently killed or was dying. Generally the means of the human's death, usually heroic, is the reason the Ultra merges with the human. This act restores the individual to life.
  • Transformation: As previously stated, the host can transform into their Ultra counterpart, but generally, injuries do not seem to be shared between them unless the Ultra transforms back because he or she went over his or her time limit. In the case of Ultraman Max, his host was used to infect him with a disease that would normally have had no effect on his biology.
  • Special Immunities: The presence of the Ultra often gives the human special resistance to certain illnesses or bio-weapons.
  • Ultra Sign Reading: Ultra Hosts could see and thus read Ultra Signs, due to the presence of an Ultra in their bodies.

Human Form Traits

  • Sturdy bodies: Ultras in human form have bodies similar to the bearers of the Ultraman Factor in the 2011 manga.
  • Super-Human Senses: Dan Moroboshi could see through objects using the same power he used in his Ultra Form of Ultraseven. Mirai could see vast distances, even into space, and he could telepathically communicate with his other Ultra brothers. Both, and other Ultras in human form, had impressive reflexes, even into old age.
  • Mental Abilities: Ultras in human form still had the mental abilities of their true forms; this included telepathy for all, telekinesis/psychokinesis for the trained, and remote viewing.
  • Ultra Sign Reading: Like all Ultras, Ultras in human form can still read Ultra signs.

Showa Era Hosts/Forms

Heisei Era Hosts/Forms

Ultra Seven 21 did not have a fixed human form; shown below are the forms he used.

Evil Human Hosts/Forms

Manga Human Hosts/Forms


  • The relationship between host and Ultra varies. Sometimes, the Ultras are treated as separate beings, controlling their own bodies; other times, the Ultra form is controlled by the human mind, even if the Ultra is a separate being.
    • Ultraman Zero is one example of the Ultra's mind controlling the human body.
  • All the Ultras' human forms' actors were also the voice actors for this Ultra at some point in time.
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