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Hunter Knight Tsurugi
Hunter Knight Tsurugi
Human Host/Form: Kazuya Serizawa
Height: 50 m
Weight: 35,000 t
Age: N/A
Home world: Land of Light
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First Appearance: Ultraman Mebius episode 5: "Reverse Shot.",
Ultraman Hikari Saga 1: "Tragedy on Aabu." (chronologically)
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Number of Appearances: 8
Race: Ultra
Status: Alive, as his original identity Hikari
Family: Ultraman King (teacher)

Hunter Knight Tsurugi (ハンターナイト ツルギ, Hantā Naito Tsurugi?) is the Knight Form of Ultraman Hikari upon receiving the armor from Aarb.


Ultraman MebiusEdit

Battling against BogalEdit

Hunter Knight Tsurugi was born of the Aarb survivors and Ultraman Hikari's desire for vengeance after Bogal's rampage on Aarb and its natives. To help Hikari, the Aarb survivors merged with the Ultra forming armor, thus the mighty Hunter Knight Tsurugi was born to hunt down and slay the vile entity.

After taking down a Dinozaur that was sent to Earth by Bogal, Tsurugi also eliminated the pair of Sadoras attacking Ultraman Mebius with his Knight Shot before flying off. Tsurugi later appeared to fight Bogal time and again all while using the former GUYS captain Kazuya Serizawa. Tsurugi would often team up with Mebius to fight Bogal until she evolved into Bogarmons and had the explosive potential of a powerful nuklear weapon.

Thanks to the use of GUYS technology to contain the explosion on a desert island, Ultraman Mebius and Tsurugi were able to avenge the Aarb with a Knight Blade through Bogarmons's heart. Shortly after that, Tsurugi was taken to Nebula M78 where Mother of Ultra removed the armor so he could become Ultraman Hikari once again.

Ultraman Hikari Saga: Return of LightEdit

Some time after Ultraman Hikari left Earth, returning to Aarb, he was confronted in battle by Alien Babalou, who wished to have the Ultra serve him. Unwilling to do so, Alien Babalou froze Hikari into a block of ice and left him to die. With as much power as he could Hikari could not break free, then he was contacted by the spirit of Aarb, still alive and recovering. Several Aarb appeared out of the ground and shined their light on the Ultra, freeing him and granting him power once again. Hikari summoned the power of his former Tsurugi armor now called the Hero's Armor. Unlike his previous form, this variation of the Tsurugi armor was pure and strengthened Hikari for its use for justice instead of revenge. Hikari used this to trounce Alien Babalou who in turn could do nothing to stop him. The villain fled, being chased to Earth where he worked to ruin Hikari's already uneasy reputation. In the end this failed as he was ousted as an impostor by Hikari, who summoned his armor and used the Marine Knight Shot to destroy the imitator for good.

Final Battle On EarthEdit

During Alien Emperor's advent, Hikari returned to earth as Tsurugi once again, assisting GUYS and Zamusha, but the Tsurugi Armor was ultimately destroyed by the Emperor, preventing Hikari from transforming into him again. 


  • Kn​ight Shot: A powerful beam Hikari can emit by first thrusting his right arm in the air, which crackles with blue electricity, then bringing it to his chest and covering it with his left palm. he then emits the beam by crossing his arms in a "+" shape, but his left hand is behind the right one, instead of in front. Can destroy monsters in one blow.
  • Hard Protector: His body is protected with hard armor. The Hero's Armor seemed stronger than its predecessor as it easily withstood energy blasts from Alien Barbalou while the Armor of Vengeance offered little protection against Bogal's assaults
  • Marine Knight Shot: Hikari can fire a more powerful Knight Shot colored like rainbow. Can destroy strong enemies in one hit.
  • K​night Blade: From the Knight Brace on his right hand, a yellow blade can form. Can slice through monsters with ease. It is more powerful the the Mebium Blade which it shattered
  • Blade Shot: When the Knight Blade is formed, Hikari can fire a powerful energy blast from it.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Hikari is a strong Ultra, and has little trouble jumping to great heights in this form.
  • Assilamation:Hikari can merge with a human like many other ultras.Thus reviving them but as stated in episode 9, he merged with Serizawa to use him as a vessel to act freely on Earth in order to defeat Bogal.


Tsurugi Rise

Serizawa, using his Knight Brace (Tsurugi).

Tsurugi uses his human host to transform via the Knight Brace. In his transformation scene, the brace appears and he places the blade within the scabbard/brace. There is a flash of light and Tsurugi rises from a crystal tunnel with a dark background.


  • Just as Hikari means 'light' in Japanese, Tsurugi is a Japanese word meaning 'sword'. Specifically, not a Samurai sword, that is called a Katana in any language, but refers to the Japanese straight sword used before the invention of the Katana


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