Iguno (イグナ Iguna?) is a ruthless Iguanadon from the series, Dinosaur Great War Izenborg.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Imitation: Iguno can perfectly imitate other dinosaurs such as Unko.
  • Heat Beam: A missile strength heat beam, capable of destroying tanks, is usually fired from Iguno's mouth.
  • Thumbs: Like his name sake and species, Iguno's thumbs can be considered deadly weapons.


Dinosaur Great War Izenborg

Enraged at how friendly and quickly Unko deflected from his cause, Ururu sent an assassin, the massive iguanadon, Iguno, to soil Unko's good name. Taking a form matching perfectly to Unko, Iguno attacked the village Unko was spotted near. The children, how ever, refused to beleive that their new friend would do such a thing.

And they where right. The JSDF and D-Force attacked this 'Unko' to reveal it to be Iguno! Soon, the real Unko showed up and the fight was on! Being much more gentle, Unko stood no chance against the ruthless hadrosaur, and sadly, lost his life, and Iguno's tyranny continued! Or, it would have, had not for the Aizenborg to drive it's drill straight through his skull.
Imitation Unko

Imitation Unko


  • Iguno was the first instance of a monster imitating a monster in any Tsuburaya series.
  • Iguano's suit would go on to be a multi-function suit creating the likes of Guroro, and Ulusuredon.

Dinosaur Great War Izenborg
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