Home world: Dark Nebula
First appearance: The Ultraman Episode 34
Latest appearance: The Ultraman Episode 35
Height: 2.05 m
Weight: 220 kg
Category: Alien
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): {{{Roar(s)}}}

Inbedian (インベド人, Inbedo Jin) were a species of aliens that appeared in The Ultraman.

Subtitle: Space Pirate (宇宙海賊, Uchū Kaizoku)

Powers and Abilities

  • Electric Gun: Imedo Beings are equipped with a gun that shoots electrical bolts.


The Imedo Beings were ruthless space pirates that located the monster asylum planet used by U40 warriors to imprison their most dangerous monsters. Using a fleet of ships the Imedo Beings stormed the prison and guided it toward Earth where they began unleashing the monsters. Once the Scientific Defense Guard was on the asylum's surface, the Imedo Beings unleashed the prisoners while sending the monster Goadarion to Earth so their attention was diverted. After Goadarion was destroyed by Ultraman Joneus, the invaders sent three monsters to attack him and Japan while Agujon lead an assault against the Scientific Defense Guard. However, the humans managed to slay the monster leader and a nameless cohort. Once Joneus was recovered with the help of Loto and Elek he used the Astro Beam to destroy the last active monster on the asylum and transported the Scientific Defense Guard members to Earth. The Imedo Beings were defeated once Loto and Elek destroyed the asylum's super computer, resulting in an explosion that presumably killed off the invaders and had the planet sent back to where it was.


  • The Imedo's have the honnor of starring in Mystery Science Theater 3000, in the episode, Merlin's Shop of Mythical Wonder, appearing on a TV screen.
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