Imitation Ultras are the forms of kaiju and aliens when assuming their Ultraman disguise for infiltration, ruining the Ultras' reputation and to even their power levels to match their Ultraman nemesis.


In the first ever 1966 Ultraman series, Alien Zarab became the first one to transform into an imitation Ultra named Imitation Ultraman. However, in comparison the real one, he is shorter and has black linings in the color schemes, not to mention his sinister eye appearance.

In Ultraman Leo, Alien Babalou had disguised himself as Astra in order to stole the Ultra Key and ruin his reputation. Suprisingly, his disguise makes the first one to perfectly matched the original.

In the series of Ultraman 80 had once featured Delusion Ultraseven who also an Ultraman disguise present but he is unique among the others since this Ultra never meant to ruin the original's reputation, but instead getting vengeance on the biker gangs due to bullying a boy since the kid manifest his rage on an Ultraseven action figure and thus, created him.

Ultraman Dyna episode 31: Dyna vs Dyna, Gregorl-Man transforms into Imitation Ultraman Dyna to battle the original to test his strength, while not having any nefarious purpouses. The fake Dyna is also shown able to type change either Flash-Type or Miracle-Type. Ironically, the Miracle-Type has black and yellow linings similar to the first imitation Ultraman.

In Ultraman Gaia, Metal Organism Algyuros and Meemos is shown able to disguise themselves into their respective Ultra nemesis. However, their power levels are somewhat weaker compared to the original. Later, Queen Mezard unleashes Phantom Agul (an illusion of Ultraman Agul) to fight Gaia, knowing that the Ultra won't dare to fight an enemy with the appearance of his friend.

The Ultraman Cosmos episode 23: Luna vs Luna, Gelworm himself disguise as Cosmos in order to battle his counterpart so he can reunite with his mate (female Gelworm). Though matched in physical attacks, but lacks of Ray Techniques.

The movie Ultraman Mebius & The Ultra Brothers features another Alien Zarab who disguise as Mebius. Similar to the original, his chest has black linings, altered grunts, and his feet are just like witch boots.

Ultra Zero Fight features Galberos, a revived Space Beast who creates an illusion of Ultraman Zero ghosts in order to fight the real Zero while Alien Hipporito Jathar disguise as Mother of Ultra.

Imitations (arranged by imitators)

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Imite ultra II

Imitation Ultraman


  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20, 000 t


  • Thick Hide: Imitation Ultraman has a very thick hide, which allows him to withstand strong attacks like the Specium Ray or Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave.
  • Specium Ray: Imitation Ultraman can fire Ultraman's Specium Ray.
  • Ultra Slash: Imitation Ultraman can launch a redish-orange ultra slash from his hands.
  • Flight: Imitation Ultraman can fly at high speed.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

  • Giga Battle Nizer: Armed with the Giga Battle Nizer, Imitation Ultraman can use it for combat purpouses except controlling monster due to lack of Reionyx genes.
    • Thunderbolt: Imitation Ultraman can channel Thunderbolts from the Giga Battle Nizer.

Monster Busters

  • Ultra-Ring: In this game, Imitation Ultraman can create rings that stun the player by spinning.

Ultraman 80 Imit (Zarab Seijin)

Imitation Ultraman 80

Imit Ultraman 80 is a fake version of Ultraman 80 that appears alongside Ultraman Boy. However, not much to be known about him at this time.


Imitation Ultraman Mebius


  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 38, 000 t


  • Flash Travel: Imitation Mebius can create a purple version of the original Flash Travel.
  • Mebium Slash: Imitation Mebius can fire a purple version of Mebius's Slash.
Kaiju Buster Powered
  • Mebium Shot: In Kaiju Buster Powered, Imitation Mebius can fire Mebius' Mebium Shot.

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