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Female Insectus

Male Insectus

Home world: Planet Earth
First appearance: Ultraman Mebius Episode 14: "One Path" (2006)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 45 m
Weight: 39,000 t (female)
40,000 t (male)
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Insectus (インセクタス Insekutasu) are beetle-like kaiju that first appeared in Ultraman Mebius episode 14. It also made a brief appearance in episode 21 of Ultraman Mebius.

Subtitle: Insectoid Carapace Monster (昆虫型甲装怪獣 Konchū-Gata Kōkaku Kaijū)


Ultraman Mebius

Female Insectus

In a city, GUYS was attacking a female Insectus. After trying their weapons, which had little to no effect on the female kaiju, they used the maquette kaiju, Windom to attack Insectus' mouth with it's energy beam. The female Insectus exploded from the beam.

Insectus Nauplius

While the Insectus was destroyed, one of it's offspring, Insectus Nauplius, survived and hid itself within the ear of GUYS Assistant Director Toriyama after he stepped in the remains of Insectus' eggs. Toriyama shortly began to show signs that something was wrong, but no one noticed until he started acting like a madman in the mess hall of GUYS HQ. When Toriyama was contained he appeared suddenly back to his old self with no sign of Insectus Nauplius, team GUYS then realized too late the the Insectus Nauplius had taken a new host, Teppei’s mother. Team GUYS followed Teppei's mother to the hospital where they found her unharmed, but the Nauplius had already finished it's metamorphosis into it's adult form.

Male Insectus

Growing rapidly in solitude, the Insectus Nauplius grew out of its chrysalis and headed to the left wing of the hospital. As Crew GUYS searched high and low for the rogue insect, they soon discovered yet another empty husk of shed skin, only this one was much bigger! Not long afterward, the male Insectus burst from the ground, roaring aloud as the frightened city looked on. Even bigger than the female, the male began to rampage. Crew GUYS fought back, but their weapons were more than useless against its might.

Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius and began to attack, but the male summoned a black plague from the sky! Countless insects of different species fell upon Mebius in such numbers he couldn’t move. His energy quickly depleting, it seemed as if Mebius would fall for good until Teppei lead the swarm away with the same high frequency noise used by the Insectus monsters.

Crew GUYS managed to save Teppei from the swarm and also launch a new attack targeting its mouth, successfully destroying the organ it used to generate the noise. As the insects rained to the ground dead, Mebius recovered and brought on the fight again. He reflected Insectus’ energy bolts back at the monster, making it stumble back in pain. Given enough time, the hero charged and fired his Mebium Shot, completely destroying Insectus once and for all.


  • Insectus is the first beetle kaiju to have a metemorphosis. Other kaiju have had them, such as King Maimai.
  • Insectus is seen in the Monster Graveyard in Episode 21.


Insectus Nauplius
  • Infect: The Insectus Nauplius can latch onto a human host. After being inside them for a certain period of time, the host will either go insane or feel sick. It will then leave the host to form a coccoon

Insectus (Female)
Ultrmn Mbs Iscts fml

Female Insectus


  • Height: 45 m
  • Weight: 39,000 t
  • Origin: Mountains on the outskirts

Powers and Weapons​

  • Electrical Attack: Insectus (female) can emit a strong electrical bolt from the two "pincers" on its head.
  • Larva: When Insectus (female)'s body is blown up, the remains will carry young Insectus Naupilus.

Insectus (Male)
Ultrmn Mbs Iscts ml


  • Height: 45 m
  • Weight: 40,000 t
  • Origin: Mountains on the outskirts

Powers and Weapons​

  • Pincers: Insectus (male) has very large pincers on his body that it can use to grab ontp foes.
    • Defense: Insectus (male) can use it's pincers to protect itself from weak projectile attacks.
    • Electrical Attack: Insectus (male) can emit a strong electrical bolt from the two large pincers on its head.
  • Burrowing: Insectus (male) can burrow underground.
  • Insect Summoning: Insectus (male) can summon and control a large swarm of insects by making a special soundwave with its mouth.


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