Iron King
Iron king
Human Host/Form: Goro Kirishima
Height: 45 m
Weight: 550,000 t
Place of Origin: Japan
Transformation Item: Turning Hat
Type: Hero
Voice actor(s): Mitsuo Hamada
Suit actor(s): Unknown
First Appearance: Iron King episode 1 Secret Messenger of the Morning Wind (朝風の密使)
Last Appearance: Iron King episode 26 The Great Tokyo War (東京大戦争)
Race: Cyborg
Status: Alive
Affiliation: National Security Organization

Iron King (アイアンキング, Aian Kingu?) is a fictional hero of the Giant Hero archetype.


The Shiranui Clan have planned for 2000 years to conquer Japan in retaliation for their nomadic ancestors being banished from the country by the Yamato Clan (who eventually became known as the Japanese people). Each armored ninja-like member of the clan controls a gigantic robot warrior in order to overthrow the "Yamato Government," as they call it. In response to this terrorist threat, Japan's National Security Organization send agent Gentaro Shizuka, disguised as what can best described as a Spaghetti Western version of a singing cowboy, to stop their plans with the assistance of comical, mountaineering-clad Goro Kirishima. In an unusual direction for such tokusatsu programs, it is not the heroic but often surprisingly ruthless Gentaro but the bumbling, bespectacled Goro who has the power to become the giant cyborg Iron King. After defeating the Shiranui Clan, another group known as the Phantom Militia appears to take over Japan. The Phantom Militia robots are more dinosaur-like than the Shiranui Clan's humanoid robots. Later, aliens called the Titanians appear to take over Japan.


  • Iron Kick: A flying kick during which Iron King rotates at high speed. It is powerful but was not designed to take down the opponent. It is used very often, and appears in the show's opening.
  • Iron Flash: A beam from Iron King's hand, can destroy a monster in one shot.
  • Iron Fire: First used in episode 18, he concentrates energy, emits red light and fires the energy, can blow a monster up.
  • Explosions (Name unknown): By crossing his hands over his chest, Iron King can create explosions.
  • Energy Slash (Name unknown): Iron King can fire a small energy slash from his hand.



Goro Kirishima
Iron King rise

Iron King's rise

To transform Goro presses the two switches on his hat. While transformed he uses up his body's water supply and can only sustain his transformed state for a few minutes.


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