"I will survive, Gaia..."

―Izac's thoughts heard by Gamu Takayama, "The Silver Eyes of Izac"

"You know it wasn't you who slew Izac. We, the humans who made the Artes Tigers extinct, slew him. "

Hiroya Fujimiya to Gamu Takayama, "The Silver Eyes of Izac
Home world: Planet Earth (Guardians of the Light Timeline)
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 43 "The Silver Eyes of Izac" (1999)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 59 m
Weight: 27,000 t
Category: Mutant Kaiju
Affiliation: Zogu
Roar(s): TBA

Izac (イザク, Izaku?) also known as the Izac Project, was a mutated clone of a rare tiger species, the Atlas Tiger, that appeared in the series Ultraman Gaia episode 43 "The Silver Eyes of Izac".

Subtitle: Artes Tiger Monster (アルテスタイガー怪獣, Arutesu Taigā Kaijū?)


  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 54,000 t
  • Origin: Wormhole


Ultraman Gaia

A sight of Izac

"A sight of Izac" by Ai Ohta

The Atles Tigers, were made extinct in the year of 1970. However, in year 1999, two scientists successfully created a clone of the extinct species and named it the Izac Project. Unfortunately, a wormhole opened over the laboratory building and the energy it released destroyed the building, also sucking in the Izac tiger clone. Later, the wormhole released the mutated version of the Izac. Izac was encountered by Ultraman Agul, but Izac's strength was proven to be more powerful, with Izac defeating Agul easily. After defeating the ultraman, Izac began to destroy the city in a deadly flaming shower, but he was sucked in by the wormhole agian. The next night, Izac encountered Ultraman Gaia, who intercepted him for destroying the city. Izac's strength was giving Gaia a hard time, to even the odds, Gaia then changed into Supreme Form. However, the two almost matched each other, but Izac was more powerful and overpowered and injured Gaia. With his Color Timer blinking faster, Gaia knew that he had to defeat Izac quickly. Gaia then jumped into the air, with Izac following. Ultraman Gaia then charged his foot with energy and performed Supreme Kick, the attack vaporized Izac once and for all.


  • Izac is the first monster that gave Ultraman Gaia a hard time in Supreme Form.
  • It is arguable as to whether Izac's death was justified, as he was the last of his kind and had suffered extensive pain from being trapped in the wormhole between dimensions.
  • Izac is one the monsters to debut in Ultraman Gaia to be based on the tiger and other big cats. The other is Tigris.


Atles Tiger (Normal)
The silver eyes of Izac

The silver eyes of an Izac Tiger


  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Origin: Izac Project

Powers and Abilities




  • Height: 59 meters
  • Weight: 27,000 tons
  • Origin: Wormhole

Powers and Abilities

  • Flame: Izac can spew flame from his mouth strong enough to knock down the likes of Ultraman Agul.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Izac can jump nearly a thousand of feet high or across.
  • Super Speed: Izac can run at speeds faster than Ultraman Agul and is also fast enough to create blurs and dodge bullets. Izac's speed also makes him very athletic and can counter Ultraman Gaia Supreme in combat for an undeterminable amount of time.




Ultraman Gaia vs

Ultraman Gaia vs. Izac-0

Ultraman Gaia vs Izac

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