Home world: A Comet
First appearance: Captain Ultra Episode 15: "Comet Monster Jaian Appears" (1967)
Latest appearance: None
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Two Siblings (Friends)
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Jaian (ジャイアン Jaian) is a peaceful, ape-like Kaiju that first appeared in Episode of 15 Captain Ultra.

Subtitle: Comet Monster (コメット怪獣 Kometto Kaijū)


After he fell from his comet home, Jaian was stranded in the wreckage of a fallen ship until two young children found and befriended him. The children took him around the city where he scared everybody and made a woman mannequin grow to enormous size. When Jaian is then returned to the wreckage, the army intervene and tie up Jaian. The siblings try and release him. When doing so, Jaian tells them to remove his collar. They do so and this causes Jaian to grow to a giant. After rampaging for a while, using the mannequin from earlier, Captain Ultra and his crew arrive. The children give the the collar to the trio and, using Spiegel 2 & 3, trick Jaian into shooting his growing rings onto the collar and attach it back to him, making him shrink to human size once again. Captain then explains to the children that Jaian can't remain on the planet, so they spend a few moments together before Captain uses the Spiegel's transport beam to send Jaian back to his comet home.

Powers and Abilities

  • Growth Eye Rings: Jaian can shoot rings from his eyes that makes objects grow rapidly to a giant size.
  • Collar: Jaian possesses a gold, jewel-incrusted collar. Should it be removed, Jaian himself will grow to a giant size.

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