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"Everything I touch turns into bronzes. Soon I'll be presenting you guys as a gift to him'"

―Jathar - Ultra Zero Fight
Jathar of Hell
Jata-ru chara
Height: 60 m
Weight: 65,000 t
Home world: Planet Hipporito
First appearance: Ultra Zero Fight (2013)
Latest appearance: Shin Ultraman Retsuden episode 49 (2014)
Actor/Voice actor: Tetsuo Kishi
Miki Ohtani (Fake Mother of Ultra)
Suit actor: Unknown
Status: Alive, revived by Shining Zero
Affiliation: Darkness Five
Roar(s): N/a

Jathar of the Hell (地獄のジャタール Jigoku no Jatāru?) is an Alien Hipporito member of the Darkness Five. Originally destroyed by Strong-Corona Zero, he was accidentally revived by Shining Zero when he try to reverse the destruction made by Belial as Zero Darkness.


Ultra Zero Fight

"Just as I expect. You only prefer settle things through fights. My name is Alien Hipporito, Jathar of Hell!"

―Jathar - Ultra Zero Fight

He joins forces with Surai, Deathrog, Glocken and Viranias to create the "Darkness Five".

Jathar disguised himself as Mother of Ultra and informed Zero that his comrades, Mirror Knight and Glen Fire, had befallen trouble, and revealed the two former warriors petrified into a bronze state. Jathar used this as an opportunity to attack Zero, but he quickly became wise to the Hipporito's plans and attacked the false Mother, turning him back to his normal form, and the two proceeded to battle. Jathar turned Zero's hand into bronze and almost had his teammates to be presented to Belial as a gift, until Zero turned into his Strong-Corona form and beat the Hipporito out of the base, sending him flying into an asteroid belt and killing him with the Garnet Buster.

However, at the end of the last episode, when Zero used Shining Star Drive to revive Ultimate Force, he was revived along with Ultraman Belial.

Ultraman Retsuden/Shin Ultraman Retsuden

Jathar(Alien Hipporito) still alive and appear in Ultraman Retsuden Final Episode

Jathar reappeared in Ultraman Retsuden's final episode.

He tried to get revenge on Zero by transforming him and Glen Fire into bronze but was casually and easily defeated by the two.

In Shin Ultraman Retsuden episode 49, while the Darkness Five were having a discussion, Jathar returned, explained why he was gone for a while and how he managed to survive. This however doesn't turned well on him when his teammates hardly ever remember him. Later, Belial appeared through an astral image to talk to them. After that was over, Jathar along with the others left for the Monster Graveyard to prepare themselves to be a part of Daikaiju Rush.


Jathar of Hell
Jathar of Hell

Jathar of Hell


  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 65,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Hipporito

Powers and Weapons

  • Dark Energy Sphere: Jathar's most noticeable power he can create a sphere of evil energy and turn his victims into bronze statues.
  • Shape-Shifting: It is assumed that Jathar can shape-shift into anything seeing as he could shape-shift into Mother of Ultra.

Imitation Mother of Ultra
Img 15

The Imitation Mother of Ultra (にせウルトラの母 Nise Urutora no Haha?) is a form took by Jathar to impersonate Mother of Ultra as a plan to eliminate all Ultimate Force Zero.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Hipporito

Powers and Weapons

  • Dark Electric Sphere: The Imitation Mother of Ultra can create a sphere of evil energy and turn victims into bronze statues.



  • Although Jathar looks like a Super Alien Hipporito, he is a simple Alien Hipporito, probably due to artistic reasons. Because of him, later appearances of a regular Alien Hipporito is represented by the Super Alien Hipporito costume.
  • Jathar is the only member of the Darkness Five to have been defeated.
  • Jathar's position in the Darkness Five seems to have been taken by Villainous' Tyrant, after his defeat.
  • Unlike any other kind of Alien Hipporito, Jathar can turn his victims to bronze statues by using a sphere of energy instead of trapping them in a capsule.
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