Jetta Hayami
Image Jetta
Gender: Male
Age: TBA
Home world: Planet Earth(Orb Universe)
Series: Ultraman Orb
First appearance: Ultraman Orb Episode 1
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances TBA
Type: Ally
Family Unknown
Affiliation SSP
Gai Kurenai
Ultraman Orb
Portrayed by TBA
Jetta Hayami (早見 ジェッタ Hayami Jetta?) is a character in the Ultraman Orb TV series and one of the members of the SSP. He is in charge of the organization's website and photography.


Ultraman Orb



  • He has childhood dreams of becoming a hero.
  • He has suspected Ittetsu Shibukawa of being Ultraman Orb under the assumption that he always appears when Orb does, but was quickly proven wrong.

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