Home world: Planet Earth (Cosmos universe)
First appearance: Ultraman Cosmos Episode 16: "The Flying Whale" (2001)
Latest appearance: None
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Chaos Header
Roar(s): Jirak: TBA
Chaos Jirak:

Jirak (ジラーク Jirāku) is a flying blue whale kaiju that first appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Cosmos episode 16.

  • Subtitle: Flying Whale (フライホエール Furaihoēru)
  • Chaos subtitle: Spirit Parasite (精神寄生獣 Seishin Kisei-jū)


Ultraman Cosmos

One day, a girl named Akane Tachibana was ridiculed by her friends including a boy named Kota Noda for her dream to swim with a whale at the sea. Due to her depression, Chaos Header had overheard her wish and created an illusion of a flying whale. She was excited by this, and named it Jirak. After Musashi tried to explain to her that the whale was a trick, she denied it, due to having her will overwritten by the Chaos Header. It then causes the girl to be absorbed by Jirak to become Chaos Jirak, and proceeds to use its heat ray on Kota who had teased her earlier. Musashi turned into Ultraman Cosmos to stop the attack. Cosmos managed to outmaneuver it until he used Cosmos Palm Beam using the monsters energy. Chaos Jirak managed to overpower Cosmos with its electric energy whip. However, Kota managed to apologize to Akane for his earlier actions, and also promised her to make her dreams come true. This caused the beast to be paralyzed, which allowed Cosmos to quickly spirit her away. Chaos Jirak then disintegrated into light particles.


  • Jirak is represented completely by CGI.
  • Chaos Jirak is the only chaos monster who has a subtitle in Ultraman Cosmos.
  • Chaos Jirak's roar is a reused Gagi roar.
  • Chaos Jirak's subtitle was shared from Alien Valkryie from Heisei Ultraseven.
  • Chaos Jirak's Suit Actor: Toshio Miyake





  • Height: Unknown
  • Length: 150 m
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: High over residential C1 area


  • Levitation: Jirak can levitate for an undetermined amount of time.
  • Chaos Light Bullet: Jirak can fire a gigantic Chaos Light Bullet from its mouth.

Chaos Jirak

Chaos Jirak

Chaos Jirak (カオスジラーク Kaosujirāku) was the transformed state of Jirak after it was infected by Chaos Organism.


  • Height: 64 m
  • Weight: 56,000 t
  • Origin: High over residential C1 area


  • Heat Ray: Chaos Jirak can fire orange heat beam from its mouth.
  • Energy Swords: Chaos Jirak can launch energy swords from its mouth. However, they are very easy to shatter.
  • Absorb: Chaos Jirak can absorb its own attacks if they are channeled back at it.
  • Electric Energy Whip: Chaos Jirak can create a pink energy whip from its left hand that can lift a like of Ultraman Cosmos with ease and produce electric shocks.


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