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Height: 60 m
Weight: 32,000 t
Home world: None
First appearance: Andro Melos (1983)
Latest appearance: Ultraman X Episode 14: The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It (2015)
Actor/Voice actor: Shojiro Kihara (Andro Melos)
Nobuaki Kanemitsu (Victory)
Suit actor: Unidentified
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Guar (Fusion)
Guar Army (Co-leader)
Mold (Older brother)
Gina (Older sister)
Grand King (Creation and Servant)
Bemzn (Monster Battleship)
Yapool (Comrade)

Juda (ジュダ Judah?) is the youngest of the Guar siblings and one of the three leader of the Guar Army along side his brother, Mold, and sister, Gina. Juda and his family serve as the main villains of the Andro Melos manga series as well as in the Andro Super Warriors TV miniseries. Juda later appears solo as the main villain of the film, Ultraman Story. In Ultra Fight Victory, he was revived by Yapool as Juda Spectre.

  • Subtitles:
    • Ultraman Story: Space Emperor (宇宙の帝王 Uchū no Teiō?)
    • Andro Melos: Army Commander (軍団長 Gundan-chō?)
    • Spector: Phantom Space Emperor (幻影宇宙帝王 Gen'ei Uchū Teiō?)


Ultraman Story

Said to be the spawn of the devil, Juda was defeated 50,000 years ago by Father of Ultra. Juda was an immaterial entity born from a Spacial Distortion and whose life was tied to that distortion. Because of this he desired to spread the distortion around the Universe, strengthening himself but threatening the stability of the Universe. After finding that he literally could not fight the space demon, Father of Ultra, used the training of his father and grandfather, and used his Ultra Horns ability to gather large amounts of energy to become strong enough to repair the distortions in space, resulting in Juda's defeat. However, Juda would later revive thousands of years later as the distortion that first created him returned. Now returned to the universe, Juda unleashed his evil by reviving Alien Hipporito to attack earth. While Ultraman Ace was preoccupied with the alien, Juda confronted Father of Ultra and the two battle, with Juda emerging victorious in all but killing him. As Father of Ultra was being restored, Juda then revived the monster Enmargo to attack earth, leaving Ultraman Taro occupied in fighting the evil monster.

As Taro bravely went to Earth for his first real battle, Juda summoned the spirits of Alien Baltan, Red King, Gomora, Alien Mefilas, Eleking, and Alien Hipporito and combined them to create the monstrous machine known as Grand King. Juda laughed with pride as he watched Grand King easily shrug off opposition from the other ultras (Ultraman, Zoffy, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Ace.) Even with the late appearance of Taro to assist his brothers, Juda's creation was far too powerful for them to defeat. However, Juda's plans were foiled after the other ultra brothers merged with Taro and Grand King was destroyed by Taro's Cosmos Miracle Beam. With his minions all destroyed, Juda then fled to the deepest reaches of space and was never seen again.


  • Unlike later appearances in Andro Melos and the Heisei era, Juda did not have a physical body. There also other differences, no mention was made of Juda having siblings, having been created from a spacial distortion. Instead of wanting to conquer the universe he wanted to spread his distortions, increasing his power but at the cost of the universe itself.

Andro Melos

Juda 0

Juda with his siblings

Juda is of the demonic Guar, and the younger brother of Mold and Gina, as well as co-leader of Guar Army. He is the main villain of this series, as it acts as a sequel to the film, Ultraman Story. In the finale, Juda is killed.

Ultra Fight Victory

Juda Spector Fight

Juda in Ultra Fight Victory.

Juda reappeared in the new Ultra Fight spin-off mini series as Juda Spectre (ジュダ・スペクター Juda Supekutā?).

After his previous defeat from the Andro heroes, Juda revives from death every tens of thousand years, with the process would cause distortions felt through out the galaxy. Once he fully revived, chaos would envelope the Universe. Yapool in Ginga's Universe sought to harvest the energies of the Victorium Core to fully revive the emperor. Leo, Astra,Hikari and Ace were sent by Ultraman King to stop Yapool from reviving him.Vakishim, along with Doragory and Verokron, was summoned by Yapool to deal with Leo and Astra. The Leo brothers fought them while Victory was fighting Ace Killer and Lunaticks. At first it seemed that Leo and his brother were getting the upper hand until the dimensional distortion expanded and Juda was revived. Finally, Victory, Ace and Ginga arrived to help the Leo Brothers with Yapool likewise assisted his Choju, with Leo fighting Vakhishim, Astra fighting Doragory, Ace fighting his sworn enemy Verokron and Ginga and Victory fighting Yapool. Under Ace's advise, Ginga and Victory merged into Ginga Victory and killed Yapool but everything had been too late: Juda successfully revived as he summons Super Grand King Spectre to fight the Ultramen.

Ultraman Victory Knight entered his space distortion and both engaged in a sword fight but seemingly weakened, he summoned the Shepherdon Saber and his spirit had made the energies of Victorium Core turn against Juda. Now with the tides turned against him, Juda was defeated by Knight Victorium Break while his monster, Super Grand King Spectre defeated by the other Ultras.

Ultraman X

It was revealed that along with Juda, his two siblings, Mold and Gina were also revived in similar ways, but they couldn't get to Earth in time to save him from being defeated. They managed to enter the Ultra Flare Timeline in an attempt to rebuild the Guar Army, and later used Juda's soul to recreate Guar in his new Spectre form. The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It


Juda data



  • Height: 60 m 
  • Weight: 32,000 t 
  • Origin: Unknown

Powers and Weapons

  • Monster Dispersion: Juda can release, awaken, and bring monsters back to life to cause any destruction as he pleases.
  • Bat Calibre (バットキャリバー Batto Kyaribā?): Juda wields a sword.
  • Teleportation: Juda can teleport wherever he wishes to.
  • Fusion: Along with Mold and Gina, they can fuse into Guar.
  • Bemzn: Juda's personal Monster Battleship.

Juda Spectre


  • Height: 60 m 
  • Weight: 32,000 t 
  • Origin: Planet Gua

Powers and Weapons

  • Space Distortion: During his revival process, his reviving form appears as a distortion which can be sensed across the Galaxy. He is able to generate this beyond the grave is unknown. Given that it appears once every ten thousand years it is possible he is not responsible for it, but he is undoubtedly linked to it.
    • Self Revival: Juda Spectre is capable of reviving himself, once his distortion has appeared. While the process is inevitable it can be interrupted or accelerated by outside forces.
  • Godlike Powers: It is implied the Juda possesses enough power to endanger the Galaxy and possibly beyond.
  • Swordsmanship: In his fight with Victory, Juda demonstrated mastery in sword fighting.
    • Bat Calibre (バットキャリバー Batto Kyaribā?): A sword that Juda Spectre can create out of thin air and wield in combat. This is powerful enough to rival Ultraman Victory's Knight Timbre in sword form. The sword appears to be charged with energy which materializes as purple flames when he slashes something/someone.
      • Energy Slash: Juda can fire slashes of purple flames from his sword.
    • Monster Creation: Juda Spectre can create a monster from his own will, as seen when he created Super Grand King Spectre.
  • Fusion:Juda's soul can fuse with Gina and Mold to form Guar Spectre.


As Juda Spectre is a being of darkness, he is vulnerable to the holy melody played by the Knight Timbre. Also, his energies were empowered by the Victorium Core, thus making it as a disadvantage when it began to turn against him.

Figure Release Information

Juda Spectre is released by bandai under the Ultra Monster 500 Series.



Juda Spector name

"Juda Spector"

  • Juda's forehead has the kanji for "King" (王 Ō?), symbolizing his title as the Space Emperor.
  • Juda has an appearance similar to King Dark from the Kamen Rider series, even being revealed as a robot-like being.
  • Juda Spectre looks almost identical to his normal form, except for the fact that his armor is more detailed and his horns are longer.
  • His name, Spectre was also spelled as "Spector". Initially, this form was named Spector instead but changes after the miniseries Ultra Fight Victory's subtitles, as well as the Cyber Cards set of Grand King and Mold. It should be noted that Tsuburaya Productions went by the British spelling (Spectre), rather than the American spelling, which is Specter.
  • Juda Spectre's suit was modified to Mold Spectre for Ultraman X. Of course, Juda also reappeared on X, but as a spirit due to his defeat by Ultraman Victory Knight. Also, both Juda and Mold's armors are near identical to each other thus furthered by the costume remodeling in said series.

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