Jumborg Ace & Giant
Posteer 2
Directed by: Tojo Shohei
Produced by: Tsuburaya Productions
Chaiyo Productions
Written by: Tsuburaya Tsubara
Starring: TBA
Music by: TBA
Cinematography: Kimizuka Kunihiko
Hiruma Daisuke
Editing by: Yanagawa Yoshihiro
Distributed by: TBA
Release Date(s) 1974
Running time TBA
Country Thailand
Language Thai

Jumborg Ace & Giant (ジャンボーグA&ジャイアント, Janbōgu Ēsu to Jaianto?), known in Thailand as Giant and Jumbo A (ยักษ์วัดแจ้ง พบ จัมโบ้เอ - Yak Wat Jaeng phop Chambo E, or Yuk Wud Jaeng pob Jambo A, depending on the Romanization?) is a tokusatsu SF/kaiju/superhero film produced in 1974 by Tsuburaya Productions of Japan and Chaiyo Productions of Thailand.


This film was released theatrically in Thailand in April 1974. It has not been released theatrically in Japan. This film teams the Japanese superhero Jumborg Ace with a giant stone idol called Yuk Wud Jaeng, simply known as Giant (this character was the star of a very successful film, Ta Tien, produced earlier by Chaiyo Productions) against Ace's own enemies. This film was adapted in Taiwan with new footage starring Taiwanese actors and retitled Mars Men.

Mars Men

Shochiku international poster.


The treasure of Thailand, which has been stored in Wat Arun had been stolen by Demon Go-Ne, causing Thailand fall into chaos. Later, Jum Killer Jr. appeared and Wad Pho came to battle him, but he was defeated. So, Wat Arun sent Giant and Jumborg Ace to fight Jum Killer Jr, who has flown to the moon. Seeing this, Demon Go-Ne shot a beam which caused them to fight amongst themselves on the moon. During the battle, a crack formed on the ground and they both fell into it. Jumborg Ace saved Giant, and together, they fought and defeated Demon Go-Ne's monsters.


  • Planning: Tsuburaya Tsubara
  • Production: Tsuburaya Productions, Chaiyo Production
  • Production: Sompote Saengduenchai, Awa Toyoaki
  • Director: Tojo Shohei
  • Screenplay: Wakatsuki Bunzo, Yamaura Hiroshiyasushi
  • Music: Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • Special Technology: Sagawa Kazuo

Main staff

  • Photo: Kimizuka Kunihiko
  • Lighting: Hiruma Daisuke 
  • Art: Kanno Yukimitsu 
  • Editig: Yanagawa Yoshihiro 
  • Assistant Director: Takeshi Kitamura 
  • Production Chief: Mitsuru Kikuchi 
  • Production Contact: Atsushi Takayama

Special effects staff

  • Photography: Machida Toshiyuki 
  • Lighting: Hara Fumiyoshi
  • Art: Osawa Tetsuzo 
  • Testing: Ogasawara Hisashi
  • Synthetic Techniques: Miyanishi Takeshi 
  • Assistant Director: Yoneyama Shin 
  • Production Chief: Sayama Shoji


ยักษ์วัดแจ้ง VS จัมโบ้ เอ1 wmv

ยักษ์วัดแจ้ง VS จัมโบ้ เอ1 wmv

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