Jumborg Ace (series)
Jmbrg Ac Ttl Crd
Format: Tokusatsu, Science Fiction, Kaiju, Superhero
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Naoki Tachibana, Jun Tazaki, N/a
Opening Theme: Jumborg Ace
Ending Theme: N/a
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 50
Running Time 24 minutes
Original Channel Mainichi Broadcasting System
Original Air Date 1973, January 17
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1.A Gift From the Emerald Star

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Anti Go-Ne, King Jaigras, Alien Emerald

2.Great Counterattack! Anti Go-Ne

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Anti Go-Ne, Rubangar King

3.Destroy the Creature! Jum Fight

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Anti Go-Ne, Chitangar

4.Jumborg Ace In Danger

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Anti Go-Ne, Giant Robot Zero

5.Scream Naoki! Now

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Anti Go-Ne, Death Kong King

6.Despair! Jumborg Ace Sold

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Mons Robo

7.Stand Up! Lonely Hero

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: King Deadgone

8.The Trumpeter Plays for the Setting Sun

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Glass King

9.Desperation! Jumborg Ace

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Flight King, King Ginger

10.Echo! The Trumpet of Battle

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Remodeled Flight King, King Ginger

11.Heroic! Strike of Tears

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Dokuros King

12.Dead in Osaka! Jumborg Ace

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Golden Arm, Dead Fire

13.Revive Now! Jumborg Ace

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Dead Fire, Anti Go-Ne

14.Terror! Hell Flower Dances in the Night Sky

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Mad Saturn, Mad Flower

15.Storm Call for Mad Go-Ne

Summary: TBA

Kaiju/Mechas: Mighty Gross

16.Mystery! Witch Monster Arrives

17.Kain From Planet Emerald

18.Terror! Antron’s Trap

19.Danger! Atomic Bomb

20.The Great Rebellion of Used Cars

21.Mystery! Monster Graveyard in Space

22.P.A.T.’s Destructive Tactics

23.Celebration! Big Change of Portable Shrines

24.Desperate Struggle! Secret Underwater Base

25.Planet Gross Reconstructs Kids

26.Jumborg Ace 2 is Born - the Name is Nine

27.Riddle! Nombirigon’s True Colors

28.Revival! Jumborg Ace

29.The Sending of Imitation Jumborg Ace

30.Punished! Ace and Nine

31.Run Fast to Ice Hell

32.Big Explosion! Mad Go-Ne’s Last Moment

33.Santa Rings the Devil’s Bell

34.Telephone Death Treats From the Grim Reaper!

35.Mystery! Atomic Golden Monster

36.Fight! Nine; Dream Call for Ace!

37.Appearance! Fear of the Strange Electric Bird

38.Destroy Cyborg Command!

39.Great Desperate Fight!

40.Screams of Fear in Skull Lake

41.Space Witch Babaras’ Robot Tactic

42.Great Counterattack of the Space Witch

43.Death Robot’s Trap is Sure to Kill

44.Haunted Robot: Hell’s Mirror

45.Insect Monster from Sand Hell

46.Satan Go-Ne: Last Great Attack

47.Desperate Struggle! Ace VS. Nine

48.Big Counterattack! Demon Go-Ne

49.Riddle! Demon’s Spell Severs Time

50.Last Day of Tokyo!