Jumborg Ace figures

The figures in the Jumborg Ace series

The Jumborg Ace Series is a series of action figures created by the Thai toy company ApexToys that portrays the heroes and monsters found in the hit TV series: Jumborg Ace. The figures seem to be based on the style of the Ultra Monster Series and Ultra Hero Series made by Bandai.


  1. Jumborg Ace
  2. Jumborg 9
  3. Alien Emerald
  4. Alien Emerald II
  5. Jumkiller
  6. Jumkiller Jr.
  7. Imitation Jumborg Ace
  8. Anti Go-Ne
  9. Mad Go-Ne
  10. Demon Go-Ne (Male and Female versions)
  11. King Jaigras
  12. Death Kong King


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