Home world: Planet Earth (Fireman Universe)
First appearance: Fireman Episode 5 "The Boy who Fell into the Jurassic Era"
Latest appearance: None
Height: Length: 90 m
Weight: 52,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Jurasaurus (ジュラザウルス Jurasairousu?) is a kaiju that appears in the series, Fireman.

Subtitle: Primitive Dinosaur (原始恐竜 Genshi Kyōryū?)


  • Length: 90 m
  • Weight: 52,000 t
  • Origin: Underground



Jurasaurus was a mutated dinosaur that lived in a Jurassic period like Underground hole. The hole was made by strange earth killing orange liquid.

After Daisuke Misaki, Tychimba and a little boy fell down a underground Jurassic like hole, Jurasaurus awoke and began yelling! The mutant dinosaur attempted to eat the three only for Daiskue to grab his Fire Stick from the Jurassic realm and fought the dinosaur as Fireman! Jurasaurus took a toll on the hero, the dinosaur bit him numerous times only for SAF to help and fired its Mangolian's (a underground tank) missiles at the giant dinosaur. Then Fireman used Fire Flash to defeat the mean beast.

Powers and Abilities

  • Long Tail: When in a pinch, Jurasaurus can use his tail like a whip or a rope, to strangle foes.
  • Fangs: Jurasaurus can bite his enemies with his sharp teeth
  • Horns: Jurasaurus can use its horns to penatrate enimies.


Faiyaman fireman DGG 307:37

Faiyaman fireman DGG 3

Fireman Vs. Jurasairous

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