Kaiju Capsules
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User(s): Kei Fukuide
Nature: Fusing kaiju into Belial Fusion Beasts
Summon Kaiju
Powers: Varies per capsule
First Appearance: Ultraman Geed (2017)
Status: In use

Kaiju Capsules (怪獣カプセル Kaijū Kapuseru?) are dark counterparts of the Ultra Capsules which bears the powers and physical manifestations of an Ultra Kaiju. They can also create Belial Fusion Monsters by loading two different capsules into the Riser.


Ultraman Geed

Little is known of the Kaiju Capsules' history so far, in that they were based on Hikari's Ultra Capsules. Kei held possession of several to be used in his nefarious plans.


Whereas Ultra Capsules preserve an Ultra Warrior's powers, the Kaiju Capsules shown to possess the physical manifestation and powers of an Ultra Kaiju. By scanning them to the Riser, Kei can Fusion Rise into Belial Fusion Monsters or summon a single Kaiju by scanning one Kaiju Capsule.

To create a Kaiju Capsule, Kei needs to draw a blank Ultra Capsule and absorbs the remains of a fallen or destroyed Kaiju.

The only drawback is that these capsules easily overheated due to prolonged use, forcing a Belial Fusion Monster to disappear as a result. Therefore another set needed to be used or wait for the aforementioned capsules to cool down. This also explains why Skull Gomora was disappeared temporarily after the prolonged use.

Known Existing Capsules


  • As an homage to Ultraseven's 50th anniversary celebration, the Kaiju Capsules are a reference to Capsule Kaiju from said series. Hence, one of the few differences between the two devices is that their names are simply rearranged.
    • Aside from the Fusion Rise of Belial Fusion Monsters, the Kaiju Capsules in fact fulfills a similar role to their predecessors, mainly deploying monsters in battle.
  • Alongside the Ultra Capsule, its appearance as a capsule with caricatures of the characters reflected that of the Zyudenchi from the 37th Super Sentai Series, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Said series is also directed by Koichi Sakamoto, director of Ultraman Geed.
    • Serving as the Ultra Capsule's dark counterpart, the Kaiju Capsule is a tribute to the Deboth Army's variant of the Zyudenchi, which is empowered by their darkness instead of the Kyoryuger's braveries. This is also reinforced with how Deboth Zyudenchi and Kaiju Capsules are colored black instead of silver.

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