Kaoru Kiriyama
Kaoru Kiriyama
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraseven
First appearance: Ultraseven Episode 1: "The Invisible Challenger" (1967)
Last appearance: Heisei Ultra Seven (Novel version)
Number of appearances TBA
Type: Protagonist
Family TBA
Affiliation Ultra Garrison
Portrayed by Shoji Nakayama

Kaoru Kiriyama (桐山薫 Kiriyama Kaoru) is the captain of the Ultra Garrison, at the start of the series having been a member for sixteen years. He hailed from Tokyo. He is a kind and no nonsense leader.



After 16 years of being in UG he was eventually promoted to captain. Kiriyama then hired Dan Moroboshi because of Dan helping Soga and Furuashi in stopping Alien Cool, he then made Ultraseven an honorary 7th member of the team.

Kiriyama hired a experienced marksman to the team after he showed Furuashi his skills, he was then tested for his airplane skills and thats what also caused the Marksman to become a member, After the marksman died in trying to stop Alien Placachiu Kiriyama and the rest of the members took off their caps and mourned when the marskman died.

Heisei Ultra Seven


Skills and Abilities

  • Marksmanship: He os proficient with a laser pistol.
  • Piloting: Kiriyama can pilot any of the Ultra Garrison's machines and vessels.
  • Leadership: Kiriyama is an experienced leader, and often strives to bring out the best in his men, whether it is have them face their fears or simply motivate them in battle.



  • Despite his actions causing the situation, Kiriyama did not appear at the end of Heisei Ultraseven 1999. This was due to his actor having died. In the novel version however, he did appear.