Kaoru Umeda
Kaoru chan!!
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (around 8 - 10)
Home world: Earth (Nebula M78 Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Leo
First appearance: The Death of Seven! Tokyo Is Sinking!
Last appearance: Terror of the Saucer Race Series - MAC Annihilated! The Flying Saucer Is a Living Creature
Number of appearances 40 (Leo)
Type: Ally
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Toru Umeda (older brother)
Affiliation Gen Ohtori
Portrayed by Miina Tominaga

Kaoru Umeda (梅田カオル Umeda Kaoru) was one of the side characters in Ultraman Leo. She was Tooru Uemuda's little sister and part of the main side cast until episode 40. She was killed off in Silver Bloome's attack on Tokyo, along with Momoko and Takeshi.

Within the first few episodes her parents were killed off, and she was adopted by Momoko.