"Mankind, no, the Earth really justa tiny speck in the vastness of the universe. But Shin, mankind has something that even greater than the universe."

―Kazuma Asuka to Shin Asuka, A New Light: Part 2
Kazuma Asuka
Kazuma Asuka
Gender: Male
Age: 48-54
Home world: Earth (Neo Frontier Space Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Dyna
First appearance: A New Light: Part 1 (Flashback)
Last appearance: Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow...
Number of appearances 4 (Dyna)
Type: Ally
Family Shin Asuka (son)
Affiliation Super GUTS
Masami Hishima (close friend)
Portrayed by Daisuke Ryu
Kazuma Asuka (アスカカズマ Asuka Kazuma?) is a character in Ultraman Dyna. He is Shin Asuka's father. He also was a Super GUTS member.


Ultraman Dyna

Kazuma Asuka went disappeared in a Zero Drive navigation test into a beam of light. He was mentioned the first time by Masami Mishima, who was a close friend of Kazama, in episode 1 that they were join Super GUTS in around the same time and they were flying together until this accident happended (Kazuma's disappearance). He only appeared in flashbacks and once in Asuka's illusions when Dyna was frozen by Reigubas. He was presumed dead but in the final episode, he was revealed to be alive, joining his son when the latter also get sucked into a wormhole and travel towards the space-time continuum.


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