"This is The End mark."

―Kei's catchphrase when transforming into Belial Fusion Monsters

"All goes well, my lord...master Belial. The power that you bless me with...will allow me to Fusion Rise once again. It's time to deal with the interloper."

―Kei as he met Belial.

Kei Fukuide
Height: Human
Weight: Human
Home world: TBA
First appearance: Ultraman Geed episode 1: "Welcome to the Secret Base" (2017)
Latest appearance: {{{Latest appearance}}}
Actor/Voice actor: Kunito Watanabe
Suit actor: None
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Alien Sturm (Race)
Ultraman Belial (Master)
Belial Fusion Monsters (Transformation)
Ultraman Geed (Creation)
Roar(s): None

Kei Fukuide (伏井出 ケイ Fukuide Kei?) is a villain and the main antagonist in Ultraman Geed. An Alien Sturm servant to Ultraman Belial, he posed as a famous sci-fi writer who masks his cruel and ruthless side under polite and gentle behaviour.


Ultraman Geed

In episode 11, it was revealed that, at some point in time, Kei was given Belial's genetic material. In his laboratory, he began to create a lifeform that would eventually become an Ultraman, and collect the Ultra Capsules from the lifeform for his master Belial's own purposes. This lifeform came to be Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed.

The very first appearance of Kei Fukuide dated back to the same year of the Crisis Impact (six years prior to the series), attacking Mt. Mitsuse as Skull Gomora to harvest Laiha Toba's Little Star after killing her parents. However, for unknown reasons, the Little Star faded away.

Six years later, he transformed into the same monster and attacked Hoshiyama thrice, targeting Eri Hara's Little Star before the Ultraman Geed appeared for the first time and defeated him. Seeing Geed's involvement, Kei decided to make the Ultra part of his own plans onwards, orchestrating or observing monster attacks from behind the scene as Riku harvested the Little Stars. With Zero appearing to investigate the disappearance of Ultra Capsules, Kei staged an attack via Galactron, holding both his fans and Geed as hostages while forcing Zero to sacrifice his own life (temporarily). Although Zero revived afterwards with a new form, Kei started to take interest in the turn of events.

During Tyrant's attack on Nebula House, Kei lured Laiha to the place where they first met, as he confirmed himself as the perpetrator to her parents' deaths. The two dueled, with the former Little Star host wielding a sword and Kei wielding his cane, and while Belial's servant put up a good fight, she eventually gained the upper hand and disarmed him, to his shock. The enraged and emotional Laiha attempted to take Kei's life, but before she could kill him, she was stopped by a mysterious light, allowing Kei to escape.

Kei was seen communicating with Belial about his far his plan has gone and inform him about the Ultra Capsules Riku collected. Kei later attack the AIB Members who was spying on him before leaving. Kei later meet Riku, revealed to him about his past and asked him to give the Ultra Capsules or an Alien Bado he hired will kill Laiha if he refused. After his plans was foiled, he decided to go offensive and transforms into Pedanium Zetton. Riku transforms into Geed as both fight. Kei repeatedly taunts him about his past and reverted back to both their human forms as they beam clashed. He prepares to take the Capsules and kill Riku until Laiha arrived, forcing to escape and not knowing Zero's Capsule had dropped during their fight. Belial was disappointed with Kei for his mistakes but Kei was given another chance to redeem himself. Under Belial's orders, Kei transforms into Pedanium Zetton again by injecting the Ultra Capsules into his body and converting it to dark energy and starts to wreck havoc before targeting Sui Asakura's Little Star. Fighting against Geed Magnificent, the combination of the Capsules' powers and his jealousy for Riku turns him into a mindless maniac who repeatedly throws tantrum towards his own creation before being subjected to defeat. Although he loses the Capsules, Belial was more than satisfied with the result while allowing him to rest, while Kei was more than worried of what became of his body

Powers and Weapons

  • Riser (ライザー Raizā?): He has a Riser, same as Riku's. He obtained this by stealing it from the Land of Light.
    • Kaiju Summon: Apart from allowing him to Fusion Rise, Kei can use the Riser to manifest a Kaiju by scanning it's respective Kaiju Capsules.
  • Kaiju Capsules: Kei has the Kaiju Capsules, as a purpose to summon Kaiju or combine them into Belial Fusion Monsters through his Riser. He can also create them by drawing a blank Ultra Capsule to absorb a defeated Kaiju's remains.
  • Dark Energy: Bestowed from Ultraman Belial, Kei possesses dark energies which serves as the main key of Fusion Rise into Belial Fusion Monsters. It appears that he needs to replenish his dark energy periodically. Whenever he uses them, a gleeful laughter of Belial can be heard from the background.
    • Energy Blast: Kei can fire a blast of purple energy strong enough to kill a Dada in one hit.
    • Energy Punch: Kei charges his fist with dark energy and punches the opponent. He does this to Riku, although he appears unscratched, partially due to his inhuman traits.
    • Little Star Detection: Through Kei's own eyes, he is capable of detecting Little Star energy auras even from a distance. He retains this power when transformed into any Belial Fusion Monsters.
  • Natural Abilities: Abilities which are naturally his and not the result of the dark energy bestowed from Belial.
    • Intelligence: Kei was able to create Riku using a sample of Belial's genetic code, implying he has great scientific ability in the field of biology. He also seems to be an expert schemer hatching plans that only seem to fail due to unexpected variables.
    • Force-field Generation: Kei can erect a force-field consisting of reddish pentagons. This trait allows Zero to identify Kei's true identity in general.
    • Mental Abilities: Kei possess a variety of mind powers, including:
      • Astral Projection: Kei is capable of communicating with beings from a distant galaxy, doing so to meet his master Belial. His transmission signal is stated to be faster than lightspeed but is prone to being detected by certain forms of technology.
      • Psychic Burst: Kei can focus his telepathic power into a medium like a video recorder and cause a burst of energy where the information feed is being received, resulting in machines malfunctioning and exploding.
    • Energy Transmutation: The inversion organ of an Alien Sturm is stated by Belial as a perfect energy conversion apparatus. This was used by Kei to corrupt the power of six Ultra Capsules, which forcefully transforms him into Pedanium Zetton.
  • Unconfirmed: Abilities that are not easily determined to be from Belial, or Kei's natural abilities
    • Teleportation: Kei can teleport, seemingly by dissolving his body before reconstituting at a different location.
    • Deflection: Kei can block attacks by simply raising his palm and generating an invisible field of energy to deflect/block projectiles.


Like Riku, Kei is capable of performing Fusion Rise to transform into Belial Fusion Beasts by scanning two Kajiu Capsules with his Riser.

"Gomora! Red King! This is the end mark."

―Kei's pre-transformation announcement

"Fusion Rise: Gomora! Red King!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Belial: Skull Gomora!"

―Transformation announcement

Main article: Skull Gomora

After scanning both capsules, Kei presses the trigger of the Riser and transforms into "Ultraman Belial". As the background changes to an eclipse, Kaiju Capsules of Gomora and Red King appear briefly before "Belial" inhales them, morphing into and creating Skull Gomora.

"Eleking! Ace Killer! This is the end mark."

―Kei's pre-transformation announcement

"Fusion Rise: Eleking! Ace Killer!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Belial: Thunder Killer!"

―Transformation announcement

Main article: Thunder Killer

After scanning both capsules, Kei presses the trigger of the Riser and transforms into "Ultraman Belial". As the background changes to an eclipse, Kaiju Capsules of Eleking and Ace Killer appear briefly before "Belial" inhales them, morphing into and creating Thunder Killer.

Main article: Pedanium Zetton

"King Joe! Zetton! This is the end mark."

―Kei's pre-transformation announcement

"Fusion Rise: King Joe! Zetton!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Belial: Pedanium Zetton!"

―Transformation announcement

After scanning both capsules, Kei presses the trigger of the Riser and transforms into "Ultraman Belial". As the background changes to an eclipse, Kaiju Capsules of Zetton and King Joe appear briefly before "Belial" inhales them, morphing into and creating Pedanium Zetton.

Kei first injects the Ultra Capsules from Riku into his body, as they glow blue. Kei emit large amounts of dark energy as his eyes starts to glow red and red lightning emits around his body. His body transforms into a dark red energy sphere which swells up until Pedanium Zetton bursts from it.

Capsules in possession

Kaiju Capsules

Ultra Capsules

As of episode 11, Kei stole all but one Ultra Capsule (Zero) from Riku Asakura after his defeat as Geed. By injecting them to his body, his conversion organ can corrupt its powers to transform him into Pedanium Zetton until its destruction cause them to scatter around the city before Riku and his friends recollect them.


As a famous sci-fi writer himself, Kei has multiple works in his novel. Among the identified titles are:

  • Cosmo Chronicle (コズモクロニクル Kosumo Kuronikuru?) - Debut work
    • Chapter 1: Shine, Darkness! (闇よ輝け! Yami yo Kagayake!)
    • Chapter 2: Title unknown
    • Chapter 3: The Beauty of Darkness (闇よ美し Yami yo Utsukushi)
  • Galactic Battleship El-Shade (銀河戦艦エルシェード Ginga Senkan Erushēdo?)
  • The Ambient Starry Sky (星空のアンビエント Hoshizora no Anbiento?)
  • Spacetime Destruction (時空破壊 Jikū Hakai?)
  • Dark DNA (暗黒遺伝子 Ankoku Idenshi?)


  • Aside from being a servant, it is unknown if he is a host of Ultraman Belial. This is hinted from the silver ring he wore on the left, suspiciously bears the chest marking of Belial as well as the Riser designated said Ultra's name whenever he created the Belial Fusion Monsters.
    • Despite the line in episode 3 that he is meeting someone he dislikes (Zero), the end of episode 6 further debunks the theory that Belial and Kei are the same person.
    • His red eyes (as a result of dark energies injected from Belial) are shared features from Darkness Five, a group that Belial had founded in Ultra Zero Fight.
    • His transformation into Belial Fusion Monsters is based on Kaiser Belial's transformation into Arch Belial. As shown, both "inhale" the parts needed to form a monstrous appearance.
  • Kei's actor (Kunito Watanabe) previously auditioned for the role of Jugglus Juggler of Ultraman Orb. Although Watanabe lost to Takaya Aoyagi, Kei instead performs a similar role to Juggler and is regarded by some fans as the second awakening of said character in terms of role and appearance.
  • According to his actor Kunito Watanabe, Kei's Riser is a hint to his true nature.
  • As shown in episode 7, his fans declared themselves as Fukuidist (フクイデスト Fukuidesuto?), which was seen by Japanese viewers as a minor reference to the real life famous writer Haruki Murakami and fans of his work.
  • Paralleling the elements of Ultraman Leo into Ultraman Geed, Kei's role is comparable to that of Black Directive, though instead of commanding an army of a monster class, Kei transforms into them.
  • Several of the titles of his novels parallel to the events concerning himself and Belial:
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