Keiko Yumeno
Gender: Female
Age: TBA
Home world: Planet Earth (Orb Universe)
Series: Ultraman Orb
First appearance: Trouble! Mama's Here!
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances TBA
Type: Ally
Family Naomi Yumeno(daughter)
Ittetsu Shibukawa(brother)
Tetsuko Shibukawa(niece)
Natasha Romanová(great grandmother)
Affiliation SSP,
Portrayed by TBA

Keiko Yumeno is the mother of Naomi Yumeno, and sister of Ittetsu Shiwakaba and the great granddaughter of Natasha. She appears frequently in the series, while first appearing in episode 11, "Trouble! Mama's Here!".


Keiko came to Tokyo to "review" Gai, who Naomi had set up to be her "date", but only because Keiko had been begging her to get married and for grandchildren. Things go normal, until Jugglus Juggler appeapers on the scene, ready to show off to Gai that he has obtained the Belial card and is going to unleash Maga-Orochi. Keiko immediately drifts her focus to admiring Juggler, interupting his speak to Gai. At that point, Gai pulled him away and they continued their discussion, until Keiko once again broke the focus by taking a selfie of her with them. Eventually, Juggler showed off all of his cards to Gai, then Keiko started to offer Juggler food, admitting that she bought extra for him. Howerver, Tamayura's spirit, in giant form, appeared and warned Gai of the menace that is going to come forth, much to Naomi and Keiko's shock and Juggler's disappointment.TBATrouble! Mama's Here!

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