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" Bad idea."

—Kenichi Kai, The Ultimate Hero episode 5, "Monstrous Meltdown".

Kenichi Kai
Kai Kenichi
Ultra: Ultraman Powered
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Transformation Item Flash Prism
Home world: Earth

(Alternate Nebula M78 Timeline)

First Appearance: Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero Episode 1 "On a Mission from M78
Last Appearances Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero Episode 13 "The Final Showdown?
Type: Hero
Family {{{Family}}}
Affiliation Ultraman Powered, WINR
Portrayed by Kane Kosugi

Kenichi Kai (ケンイチ・カイ, Ken'ichi Kai?) was an officer of  WINR, and brief host for Ultraman Powered. He served as a field officer, and occasional pilot for the WINR team. His life past his career is mostly unknown. He is portrayed by Kane Kosugi.




Ultraman: The Ultimate HeroEdit

Upon analyzing an alien cocoon, team WINR intercepted two objects in space heading towards earth. However, one destroyed the other and lands on earth. WINR sent officers Kai and Young to investigate the crash site. Kai and Young Found a strange red light within the crash site, but detected no radiation or thermal reading. Kai moved closer to investigate, but disappeared into the red Light. Kai found himself inside Ultraman Powered's Travel Sphere, and the two began to converse. Powered told Kai of the Alien Baltan's invasion, and how he needed a human host to combat them. Kai eventually agreed, and used the Beta Capsule which Powered gave to him. Powered entered the battlefield and destroyed the giant Alien Baltan that was wrecking havoc.

Kai continued to help Powered combat the rising waves of Giant monsters that were terrorizing the earth. After many victories, Powered was defeated by the Baltan aliens Bio-Weapon, Dorako, but not before Powered was able to destroy the monster before disappearing. Kai was found by Young, and discovered that he had the Beta Capsule in his possession, and bore the same wounds that Ultraman did. Kai was hospitalized, and had one last conversation with Powered before he departed on his own to fight Zetton. Ultraman encouraged Kai, that though he may leave, 'his light is everywhere', and people need only find it. Ultraman then ended their bond and went to engage Zetton. Kai awoke, with his teammates waiting, and admitted that Ultraman was leaving. After Ultraman destroyed Zetton, he collapsed from exhaustion and was taken home by his comrades. As WINR remained unsure of their future, Kai recited Ultraman's parting words, giving the team encouragement for what was to come next.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Combat Training: As a member of WNR, Kai is a trained marksman and unarmed combatant.
  • Pilot Training: As a member of WNR, Kai is trained in the use of all WNR mecha.
  • Computer Expertise: Kai is known for using the WNR computers for research and whatever is needed for the mission.
  • Transformation: Using the Beta Capsule/ Flash Prism, Kai can transform into Ultraman Powered.
  • Healing: When Ultraman Powered was injured severely, Kai also experienced the same injuries but they healed at an unprecedented rate, though he was left in a temporary coma.

Trivia Edit

  • Kenichi Kai was portrayed by Kane Kosugi and voiced by Tomoyuki Morikawa in Japanese dub.
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