Home world: Planet Earth (Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy Universe)
First appearance: Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy Episode 7: "Kiara"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Category: Kaijin
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Kiara was a fairy that appeared in the series Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.


Height: 160 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Origin: Earth


At a glimpse she is just a beautiful young woman, but Kiara is in actuality a fairy in possession of great wings. She was seen being followed by ghoulish creatures. Kiara appeared before the bassist Sakaguchi who had hit rock bottom. She spent time with Sakaguchi until the police attempted to arrest him only for Kiara to unleash her ghosts upon them. After giving him a burst of courage, Sakaguchi was soon killed.

Powers and Abilities

  • Butterfly Wings: Kiara has a pair of retractable butterfly wings that can wrap around a human adult and allow her to fly.
  • Ghosts: Kiara can summon five ghosts to assist her.

Kiara with her ghosts

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